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r2kt astromech droid
  • r2kt astromech droid
  • r2kt astromech droid
  • r2kt astromech droid
  • r2kt astromech droid
  • r2kt astromech droid
  • r2kt astromech droid
  • r2kt astromech droid

r2kt astromech droid

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I love Star Wars, but my favorite thing about the movies and toys is the little astromech, R2-D2. I grab one every time I come across a new version or color scheme. That being said, I came across this pink astromech at Josh's house and it is by far my favorite.

I love this one because of the meaning behind it. I picked up its packaging and this is what it read ...

R2-KT was created in 2005 to honor Katie Johnson, a very special little girl who tragically passed away from brain cancer on August 9, 2005 at the age of seven.

< p> Her Father, Albin Johnson, is the founder of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars costuming fan club that performs charity work around the world Katie had a special wish:.. to visit Walt Disney World

Through the generosity of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Katie's wish was granted.Then one more special dream came true. Katie's sister, Allie, was inspired one day while watching Attack of the Clones, in which R2-D2 watches over the sleeping Padme . Allie thought how great it would be if Artoo could watch over Katie as she underwent treatment, and for the droid to be named "KT" after her sister. The R2 Builder's Club made Allie's idea a reality by creating a unique R2 unit especially for Katie. The 501st Legion approached Hasbro with the idea of ??producing a figure to commemorate R2-KT.

This inspired Hasbro and Lucasfilm to help make more wishes come true for children like Katie. Hasbro and Lucasfilm together are donating $ 100,000 in Katie's memory to the Make-A-Wish Foundations of South Carolina and San Diego.
R2-KT comes packaged in clamshell display. But unlike all my other Artoos, this one is pink! < br />  
Once you open it up and take it out you notice what a well made little toy it is. The body of Artoo is made of a tough PVC and can withstand even the hardest of child's play. The paintjob is good, and there are no obvious seams.
R2-KT's head can turn a complete 360 ??degrees. (Which is necessary for watching over little Katie). R2-KT has articulated legs and wheels roll on the bottom of it's feet.
But one other neat feature is that when you spin it's head its small front foot retracts into the body. This Artoo also comes with a commemorative Imperial Droid card.
When I place R2-KT next to my other Astromechs in my collection fits in well and is right at home!
In my conclusion, I found the toy fun, well-built, and it's meaning really touching. I would recommend picking it up whether you collect Astromechs or not.

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