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yf19 prototype unit no.4 double nuts
  • yf19 prototype unit no.4 double nuts
  • yf19 prototype unit no.4 double nuts
  • yf19 prototype unit no.4 double nuts
  • yf19 prototype unit no.4 double nuts
  • yf19 prototype unit no.4 double nuts
  • yf19 prototype unit no.4 double nuts
  • yf19 prototype unit no.4 double nuts

yf19 prototype unit no.4 double nuts

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If there's three things in life you can count on; it's death, taxes, and Macross toy repaints While many of the Valkyrie fighters are officially colored in several exploitable schemes, the YF-. 19 from Macross Plus has at best a measly two variations that have ever had screen time. Which brings me to one of my favorite exercises in toy making and that is when the guys in charge just start making stuff up to squeeze a few more releases out of a toy. While a lot of people certainly bought the main release and maybe a few picked up this guy from a bargain bin, that's only two color variations. There's about a few dozen VF-1 variants, the other Valkyries need a little helping . hand

And if you were curious as to where the name "Double Nuts" comes from, here's the story straight off the back of the box:

The fourth YF -19 prototype incorporated further design tweaks based on testing by done with the third prototype. This particular prototype was used heavily in testing Fold Booster operation in deep space. While the second prototype did some testing with the Fold Booster, further deep-space testing with the fourth prototype was done from the ARMD Class Ship "Raihou." Testing continued even after the VF-19 was put into production. Because of this, the VF-19P Patrol craft was a viable evolution of the design. The third and fourth prototypes use a similar paint-scheme with the orange changed to a more traditional blue. Lastly, the No. 4's test pilot was Captain Amy Cunningham who was a direct descendant of the VF-0's test pilot, Oliver Cunningham. As such, No. 4 was given the nickname of "00" or

(Translation by me)


And so we have the Double Nuts. While the overall paint scheme is not much more than a palette-swap of the standard YF-19, it is still quite pleasing. The whole body of the airplane is done in a matte white plastic. Also you can see the pilot . figure is now done in a more traditional green flight suit Captain Amy sure is a real looker inside the cockpit

Please send fanart


Gerwalk mode is where some of the subtle improvements to the toy are put to good use. Yamato has touted that the current wave of YF-19 toys have much tighter joints and I can certainly feel it in this toy. They did not really change the design so much as tweaked the tolerances and improved the overall build quality.


With just the tighter joints, Gerwalk hangs together somewhat better than the previous releases. The torso and arms still . simply hangs over the wings, but this is more of an issue with the base design Still, the tighter joints make even this mode more stable


For me there is something about these colors that suit the YF-19 design even better than the standard tan The white warrior stands over a foot tall and comes with its signature gunpod and shield


The tighter joints are an immense improvement for Battroid mode, allowing the figure to maintain a dynamic pose.


I absolutely love this color scheme. From the whole body and right down to the face, it all just works with this design. I do have one small nitpick and that is the clear parts are a bit too "rich" in color. On the 25th Anniversary YF-19 you can see the eyes beneath the visor, whereas the Double Nuts's solid green does not let any detail through. Still, it does look damn good.


Double Nuts really fits in well with other white Valkyrie toys. You can almost see this one leading a squadron of the excellent VF-11 toys.


In many ways the VF-19 is one of the true successors to the VF-1, and the Double Nuts represents Yamato's toy line as it matures into the next standard for Macross toys. Having designed and produced six totally different Valkyries for their 1/60 scale Perfect Transformation line, we have seen the coming of a stable line of figures that can and are being re-released again and a again to meet demand. I enjoy both my YF-19 toys and I feel that the Double Nuts is a fine addition to my squadron.

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