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vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich
  • vt1 super ostrich

vt1 super ostrich

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In the ever widening world of VF-1 toys, the VT-1 Super Ostrich is a unique variant with its own charms. Taking a cue from the first few episodes of the original Macross series, the "star date" between Hikaru and Minmay during Macross: Do You Remember Love is meant as a callback to when those two young teens were out fighting for their lives in an orange Valkyrie Unlike the VF-1D, the VT-1. is a dedicated trainer much like a real life example of the T-38 Talon, which is the training version of the F-5 Freedom Fighter. For a little boy with a copy of Clash of the Bionoids, this entire ordeal is summed as follows :


From then on I was doomed.


Yamato's new VT-1 is a great execution of a unique design. The basic fighter mode looks right and feels good in the hands. The changes to the design are not immediately apparent , but once you scratch the surface you'll find at least 20% of this toy is all new parts. The first being a new nose section with the VT-1's signature raised seating style where the rear seat is higher than the front. As such, the chest plate has also been redesigned to account for the new nose section.


From the rear we can see the redesigned tail section with features new fixed tailfins and a hinged rear flap. These are used when the backpack is folded against the top of the aircraft.


This version of the VT-1 allows for the head to be tucked away.


Here is a picture of the three Valkyrie nose section types. From left to right are the VF-1D, VT-1 and VF-1S. Like the previous two releases, the VT-1 has a lot of tampoo markings which make the toy very presentable out of the box.


After a few quick snaps, the FAST packs are installed with little effort.


Check out the engines on this ostrich


Both the dorsal boosters and the leg parts feature removable panels These panels are easy to remove yet at the same time, do not fall off with the slightest touch


Here is a close-up of the leg detail.


And here is a close-up of the booster detail.


This toy does include the usual Yamato display stand adapters, but I find a Flexdisplay stand suits this toy much better


The GERWALK . mode of the VT-1 is quite distinct It is mostly shown with its arms retracted and the hump created by the backpack evokes images of a speedy bird


Owners of old Macross artbooks are familiar with this pose.


This is the most we ever see of the VT-1's transformation. Super GERWALK is probably its most notable appearance in the film.


In the cockpit we find a matching pair of Hikaru and Minmay (or Misa in a spacesuit) figures.


While the VT-1 is never seen in Battroid mode, it was always meant to have one. I have chosen to use the fixed posed hands for these pictures because I liked how expressive they can be. < / p>


There are an additional pair of locking clamps on either side of the tailfins in Battroid mode. I did not use these clamps as I feel they're really redundant and difficult to extend without a small tool or sharp fingernail.




I want you for UN Spacy!


I say chaps, I am armed with a nasty fingergun


Super Battroid mode is just as sturdy as regular Battroid mode


Here you can see the fuller bust line of the VT-1 in comparison to regular VF-1.


Really, the VT-1 is another winner from Yamato. Its a great design executed almost perfectly in toy form. Yeah it is another VF-1, but the Super Ostrich has a lot of charm.

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