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miriya black flight suit
  • miriya black flight suit
  • miriya black flight suit
  • miriya black flight suit
  • miriya black flight suit
  • miriya black flight suit
  • miriya black flight suit

miriya black flight suit

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Miriya Black Flight Suit Version Robotech Defense Force.
Review By Leonardo Flores

For some strange reason Matchbox had a love affair with the character Miriya from the Macross Saga portion of Robotech when they produced their Robotech Defense Force line of 3 action figures In total they produced four different versions of Miriya:. Miriya Black Flight Suit, Miriya Red Flight Suit, 6inch Zentradi sized figure and a prototype figure of Miriya in her Queadlruun-Rau flight suit that eventually saw the light of day as a Harmony Gold reissue in the 1990's.
With a line of action figures that had so many missed opportunities of unreleased and unproduced figures I ? question why there would be so many versions of one character released But this is 1980's Matchbox we are talking about here and nothing really made much sense with certain aspects of the line

Miriya comes carded: 1x Miriya, 1x red helmet, 1x gun This was my original I figured I owned and played with back in the 1980's and it worn accordingly The Matchbox Robotech Defense Force figures were known for flaking paint which this figure displays, and the paint.. was retouched back in the 1980's. I do love the choice of using an inspiring picture of Miriya's Red VF-1J as the backdrop on the figures backing card.
As I stated before in previous RDF figure reviews , I must of walked in at K-Mart as soon as they hit the pegs, as there was a huge crowd of kids checking out the new Robotech toys. On aside, if you grew up in the 1980's you might remember many scenes just like this, the memory of buying this figure being just one of them. More later on this subject when I review my GI Joe Tomax and Xamont figures.
Miriya Black Flight Suit was just one of the random figures I picked up that day. Shortly there after, I started to see the red flight suit version of this figure, which in my personal opinion looks better than the black flight suit version. It was not until nearly 20 years later, when I started writing about toys, I discovered that this version of Miriya is one of the rarest figures in the entire RDF line.
Although the body sculpt, which was also used with the Lisa Hayes figures, is passable as 1980's toys go and the helmet sculpt does a great job capturing the lines of the Macross Valkyrie pilot helmet, the face sculpt looks nothing like the character in the show. Other than the green hair she looks nothing like Miriya and more like a snotty self absorbed East Coast art student.
Essentially, Black Flight Suit Miriya is just a recolor in which I believe the common Miriya Red Flight Version looks better overall. But for the Robotech Defense Force completist it is one of the more difficult and expensive figure to locate to complete the collection.

2011 Article and Pictures by Leonardo Flores

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