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ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark
  • ultraman tiga dark

ultraman tiga dark

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Ultra Act is Bandai's line of six-inch hyper-articulated Ultraman figures, in the same vein as lines like SH Figuarts. < span style = "mso-spacerun: yes;"> Ultraman Tiga is an Ultra series I have not seen yet, so hit up Wikipedia if you're looking for more info on the series I know it was the 'triumphant return' of Ultraman to television after a long hiatus, and was the first series to feature an Ultra hero with multiple combat modes, represented by multiple costumes. It's probably a cool show Dark Tiga is from a follow-up movie..



Ultraman Tiga Dark is . the exact same mold as Ultraman Tiga Sky Type, with a snazzy black and gunmetal paint job and some different accessories That, and attitude The box is still great, with a dark palette to the graphics

 DarkTiga03 < / p>

Dark Tiga moves just as well as the Sky Type, so check that review for the basics We're. going to get right into the accessories here ...



Dark Tiga comes with two ranged attack effect parts One is the same as from the Sky Type box, while the second is actually the classic. Ultra beam attack from the original Ultraman's arsenal The classic beam slips around the wrist, and looks really convcining


Dark Tiga also comes with a slash attack effect that fits onto his chest where the timer light goes. This one is not as convincing, but is still pretty neat

< span style = "border-collapse: collapse; color: # 888888; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 17px;">  DarkTiga08

As a black, evil repaint of Ultraman Tiga, Dark Tiga looks great with King Joe Black I like to pretend they are partners in evil


Cue the Bad Boys theme.


Dark Tiga looks great duking it out with some kaiju ...


... but really comes into his own when you add in Tiga Sky Type. The two super articulated figures play off of each other really well Dark Tiga is slick and sinister, and makes a great foil to the heroic Tiga figure . The real question is, with so many foes gunning for him, can Ultraman Tiga hope to survive ...


... what do you think These Ultra Act figures are a really good time, and super nicely made I guess they might seem a bit pricey at almost $ 40 each , but when you compare it to something you'd buy from Hasbro at Target, there's almost no comparison. These figures are gorgeous, with flawless QC and the ability .. to do pretty much anything you can think of

Review sample provided by Tamashii Nations Youcan get yours at BigBadToyStore, and if I were you, I totally would

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