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I have to admit, I've become a bit of an addict of Cyberverse Commander figures in the Transformers Dark of the Moon toy line. Their compact size and intuitive transformations really do it for me. Guzzle is no exception.

Guzzle is most recently known for being one of the members of the Wreckers, featured in IDW's recent comic Last Stand of The Wreckers. Did the popularity of this comic help influence Hasbro's decision to make this toy? Who knows, but he is definitely a fun toy!
 2011-09-14 15.42.47
Guzzle's vehicle mode is a tank, and for its size it's . pretty detailed The tiny rivets and tread details are all present on a toy that's only a little bit bigger than a Hot Wheels car There are even some super tiny tampos on the sides
2011-09-14 15.47.21
Guzzle has two tiny weapons that peg in on the top of his turret: a missile launcher and some kind of gun.
 2011-09-14 15.48.53
The transformation on Guzzle is incredibly easy and satisfying. It's just a matter of unfolding panels and pulling his arms and legs down. Unfortunately , because of how Guzzle transforms, the turret unfortunately does not turn. At this size I think that's forgivable.
 2011-09-14 15.47.21
Also if you go halfway through the transformation Guzzle totally has a Zaku Tank mode.
2011-09-14 15.45.57
In robot mode, Guzzle is a very stocky little robot. His color scheme is very reminiscent of his G1 Sparkabot toy, with the tan head, blue face, and obnoxiously yellow body. He's a very good blend of the movie and classics aesthetic, which makes him fit in well on most displays.
09-14 15.52.15
Guzzle manages to pull a bit of a mass trick, where in pictures he looks way bigger than he actually is. He looks like he should be a toy that's about the size of a Voyager, but he's only a few inches tall.
2011-09-14 15.43.01
Guzzle's head actually turns slightly. It's only the slightest smidgen of motion, but just enough to help convey he's looking in a different direction than just straight.
 2011-09-14 15.43.48
The articulation on Guzzle is pretty good. He has double jointed arms and single jointed knees. With ball jointed arms and legs he's able to get into all sorts of neat poses where he's running or shooting his weapons.
 2011-09-14 15.43.28
The two weapons that Guzzle comes with can be combined in a single missile gun. Or something. It does look neat, though.
 2011-09-14 15.44.55
At the end of the day Guzzle is not a fantastic toy, but he's definitely a fun one. He's just fun to transform and pose, and that's ultimately why I am so fond of the Cyberverse line as whole. If you spot him at retail I would pick him up. This tiny little guy is full of character and will look great on your desk or your shelves.

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