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space warrior baldios
  • space warrior baldios
  • space warrior baldios
  • space warrior baldios
  • space warrior baldios
  • space warrior baldios
  • space warrior baldios
  • space warrior baldios
  • space warrior baldios

space warrior baldios

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Out of the blue we get not one but two new Baldios toys from two different manufacturers. They are both great toys in their own rights, but each is for a certain type of collector.

Baldios arrives courtesy of Yamato Toys USA


But first, a little about the character. Baldios comes from the anime series < strong> Space Warrior Baldios ( universe Senshi Information found Hikaru video game ? ? su , Uch? Senshi Barudiosu ), a 32- episode anime that ran from 1980-1981 There was also a feature film that was adapted into English as 0026 quot; Space Warriors:. Battle For Earth Station S / 1 - Baldios 0026 quot;

So I mentioned that there are two Baldios toys out right now. There's the GN-U Dou Baldios (which we are looking at now) and the CM's Brave Gokin Baldios. So which one is right for you?


The Yamato GN-U Dou Baldios has your standard internal frame common to all GN-U figures, and gives it a pretty decent range of articulation There's not a lot of competition though, considering the last Baldios toys were made by Nomura in 1981, a time not known for its articulation


< p> PC049902 

The skeleton is covered with armor plates that snap togother leaving no screw holes. Baldios is one of the better GN-U figures in terms of parts actually staying on the figure.


Proportions are good, articulation is good, and the detail is sharp. Pieces are either molded in color or painted in a flat finish that creates a cell-shaded anime feel. < / p>


Accessories are limited to a set of variant hands, one attached to the Pulsaber sword



Baldios looks sharp on your shelf, and is a great addition to your classic super robot collection. As of December 2008, 3,000 yen translates into about $ 33.00 USD, making this a rather pricey action figure for . the casual collector But then you have to consider the alternative ..

You can pre-order your Baldios at Yamato Toys USA


The $ 230.00 diecast Brave Gokin Baldios ...

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