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Transformers Subscription Figures 50 Megatron w/ Spacewarp Optimus Prime w/ Hi-Q
  • Transformers Subscription Figures 50 Megatron w/ Spacewarp Optimus Prime w/ Hi-Q

Transformers Subscription Figures 50 Megatron w/ Spacewarp Optimus Prime w/ Hi-Q

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MEGATRON is the embodiment of the next Generation of Transformer technology: the Double Pretender! Faced with his own survival and the survival of the Decepticon legacy, MEGATRON upgrades with an impenetrable outer shell that combines cybernetically reinforced superstructure and Cybertronic alloy to ensure victory on the battlefield!MEGATRON also harnesses the power of his robot partner, the enigmatic Mini-Con SPACEWARP. A displaced explorer, SPACEWARP's innate spacebridge abilities give MEGATRON valuable mobility as well as added firepower as she can connect her Transwarp Blaster mode to any distant singularity in the mapped galaxies.Robots who stand in MEGATRON's way ought to beware, he's in no mood for distractions!The Double Pretender Megatron action figure reintroduces the famously rare and never before available outside of Japan “Grand Maximus” Pretender shell. This is the original vintage tooling brought out of storage for this special figure which will only be available through the Transformers Collectors' Club Transformers Figure Subscription Service 5.0! Also comes with Megatron's Fusion Rifle, Repulsor Blade, and the Spacewarp Mini-con partner accessory, any of which can be placed into the Decepticon Commander's hands as he battles Optimus Prime and the Autobots!OPTIMUS PRIME steps into the next Generation of Transformer evolution as a Double Pretender! As the strongest and wisest of the Autobots, OPTIMUS is dedicated to protecting all life forms. Now he has added a whole new level to his considerable arsenal using Double Pretender technology!Splits into three autonomous modules 1) His fearsome outer battle shell that combines cybernetically fused musculature and high-density Cybertronic alloy to truly dominate the field 2) The Commander Robot form which carries a high-density ion cannon and converts into an all-terrain vehicle capable of off-road travel in any environment 3) The Autobot cyborg partner Hi-Q, who transforms into both an aerial reconnaissance spy jet as well as a repeating particle beam cannon!Decepticons should be wary of what OPTIMUS can bring to the battlegrounds. With his new capabilities, OPTIMUS PRIME continues to be both a respected commander, and a feared warrior!The Double Pretender Optimus Prime action figure uses the fan favorite Pretender shell that debuted at BotCon 2015, and also features a brand new head sculpt for the inner robot! Equip Optimus Prime for combat with his Photo Rifle, High-Density Ion Blaster, and Hi-Q partner accessory, and your Decepticon toys won't know what's coming for them! Product Features
  • Transformers Club Subscription Exclusives
  • Megatron and Optimus Prime are Double Pretender Transformers
  • Megatron features the rare "Grand Maximus" Pretender shell
  • Optimus Prime uses the BotCon 2015 fan favorite Pretender shell
  • This Megatron is only available through the subscription service
  • Optimus Prime features a new head sculpt for the inner robot
  • Each Transformers includes a transforming Minicon sidekick, weapons, character card with tech specs, and instructions
Box Contents
  • Megatron
    • Fusion Rifle
    • Repulsor Blade
  • Spacewarp Minicon
  • Megatron & Spacewarp Character Card & Instructions
  • Optimus Prime
    • Photon Rifle
    • High-Density Ion Blaster
  • Hi-Q Minicon
  • Optimus Prime & Hi-Q Character Card & Instructions

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