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mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)
  • mallow diy (black)

mallow diy (black)

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You say the phrase "designer toy" or "art toy" around here and people cringe And rightly so -. Most of it is overpriced and under-articulated, at least for Japanese toy and action figure collectors A lot of it is very pretentious and ego centric

When I saw Shocker toys was getting into this game, I thought to myself -... "A day late and a dollar short" < / p>

Not only has the designer toy culture burst, but the culture is so focused on name recognition If KidRobot makes a vinyl, great -. if Mattel makes one -. corporate sellout

So when I was approached to review this Mallow figure, I had expected the worst. Imagine my surprise. Something really wonderful happened.



First of all -. Mallows are not vinyl at all, but hard ABS plastic Secondly, they are articulated, with 9 points of articulation And finally -. they are CHEAP At about 14.00 USD, you can purchase an army of them for the! price of one designer figure. It's quite remarkable really.


The toy comes in a cardboard box, with the toy resting in a clear tray. The packaging is surprisingly sturdy ...

A blank mallow is just that - totally undecorated So far they come in black and white, as well as some pre-painted versions


The joints on this thing are VERY tight The plastic is high-quality, with no noticeable flaws or seam lines It's perfect, and durable



So I was sitting there, playing with it and posing it and I was struck with inspiration.

See, in my other life I fancy myself something of an artist. I've been drawing skulls since junior high, inspired by Pushead and other 80s heavy metal artists. I have drawn on paper all my life, but now ...

Inspired by the toy, I ran right out . to the craft store and bought some paint markers I took that Mallow and did what I do best - drew a skull on it I was giddy with excitement




It came out great. Sure, i'm not a popular or famous artist, but I created something with the Mallow as a canvas that made me ... I feel like I could be And without the pretentiousness or risk or ruining an expensive vinyl piece The Mallow has just the right amount of canvas and a great texture to work on



If you have ever though of doing your own custom figure, this is a great low-cost way to get into it.



I really thought I was not going to like this, and it quickly became one of my favorite pieces. Mallows are available at Shocker Toys


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