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After I bought the strange King Of The Jungle knockoff Voltron, I'd hoped that a bootleg of the Tetsujin 28 jumbo would surface. Well, no such luck thus far, but I have managed to score a second Voltron knockoff that is quite different from the first. Voltron

As you can see, there are several differences between these toys, which are both from Peru, although not necessarily from the same maker. The company who made both are still unknown as neither has any markings. However, the seller I bought it from speculated it may have been from a company called "Basa". But I do not know that for a fact.

The first thing you noticed of course is that they are different colors. The new one on the left has a silver torso and forearms with black shoulders. And the colors of the legs have been switched back to the proper sides. For details , there are almost no stickers on the new one, just a little bit of residue on the arms. I'm not sure if there were ever more than those. The head is yellow and red and although the colors are very inaccurate to the show , I have to admit that I like them. It's a much brighter looking toy than any of the other Voltron / Golion jumbos and I think the color scheme looks nice.

Next, check out the comparison of the arms of the two toys. Voltron

I complained in the previous review about how you could not remove the launching mechanism from the arms and how that made the arms look too long and gangly for my tastes. But on this one , no launching mechanism is present so it looks much better. But both toys still use the arms from the T28 jumbo.

OK, now, speaking of arms ... For some reason, although this toy does not have the proper arms on the shoulders, they are on the hips!  Voltron  Voltron  Voltron

Yes, those are the upper arms from the Voltron jumbo attached to the hips. Why? Don 't ask me. I'm not sure if they are supposed to have the lower arms connected here and they are just missing? I hope not, because not only would that mean the toy is incomplete, but well .. that would look just awful. Maybe they are supposed to look like some kind of cannons? You'd have to use you imagination a bit for that, but it's what I like to think. Either way, it's insane and thinking too much about it could make you insane too, so do not. I'm not gonna.

There's not much more I can say about this that you can not tell from the pictures. So I'll just leave you with a shot of all 3 Voltron Jumbos in my collection. Still missing 2 others, the Popy Golion and the Korean Super K. At least two others, I mean. Who knows what we have not found yet. Voltron

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