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I remember first watching Evangelion back in the day, and aside from the Eva Units, the thing I looked forward to the most were the Angels.

The Angels were the main enemies of NERV, or so we thought. No one knows where they come from, or what they want, but they are bent on attacking NERV headquarters at every opportunity.

Each Angel is unique looking and has an unique style of attack

Israfel is the seventh angel, and features the ability to split iself into two units -.. Alpha and Beta (Kou and Outsu in Japanese) The pair of angels use coordinated and synchronized attacks egainst the Eva units.

Due to this attack style, Eva Unit 01 and 02 lead a synchronized assault on Israfel, set to music.

In the context of the . series, it's really quite a remarkable scene

Bandai released a few Angels in it's Soul of Sofubi line -.. Sachiel, Shamshel and Israfel For Israfel they released both Kou and Outsu versions Other than the color, they are exactly the same.




Each is 23 cm tall and made out of soft vinyl. Articulation is limited to the arms and waist. These are in-scale with Tamashii Spec Evangelion units.



Due to the flimsy feet and the top heavy construction, neither likes to stand up well.



Each has a clear red "core" in its chest.



These were sold on hang tags with cards, and as such, it is common to see them with scuffs and blemishes.


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