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cylon commander (gold)
  • cylon commander (gold)
  • cylon commander (gold)
  • cylon commander (gold)
  • cylon commander (gold)
  • cylon commander (gold)
  • cylon commander (gold)
  • cylon commander (gold)
  • cylon commander (gold)

cylon commander (gold)

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The original Battlestar Galactica ran from 1978-1979 (I have blocked out the 1980's episodes, as hopefully you did). The Battlestar Galactica movie and later series, released on the heels .. of Star Wars, broke ground and inspired a generation It was easily in the top ten of my favorite childhood shows and I gravitate towards anything that bears its name and / or design Majestic Studios released a 12 "inch figure; however, this review involves Amok Time's release (I believe the cloth materials and the skirt are the only main differences I could find when researched).

 stuff 003

The doll comes in nicely designed box which flips open to enable a viewing of the figure and accessories. In addition, it is covered with nostalgic graphics from the TV series. The Cylon Commander lies in a plastic tray with a stand, dagger, blaster, and blaster rifle. You may notice my blaster has a worn, grey, and scratched look. Honestly, I loath a weathered look if not universal (notice only on one of three pieces is used looking). Also, until I noticed it was on both sides of the blaster, I thought it was done during shipping and not by the manufacturer.
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The doll is tied down to the bare plastic tray with black twist ties, which in my . opinion, creates a flawed packing system for chrome painted plastic The Cylon seemed to rub around in transit, which left sublime and random marks / scratches on various aspects of the chrome
 Cylons 006
The stand snaps around the waist with a thin wire and does hold the figure in place. However, be wary, when you pry the figure out of the U shaped wire, it may (did with mine) snap a blaster pack off the belt.
Cylons 005
The Cylon Commander's only difference from the (silver) Centurion is the gold chrome (obviously) and a flimsy black leather skirt instead of the cool metallic disco skirt.
You may be able to sense my disenchantment and sarcasm. I find this figure to be a stiff doll, poorly constructed, and deserving of a blind date with Barbie in her dream house instead of a place in my collection.
 Cylons 002
Both blasters sit very poorly in its molded hands and fail to create an aesthetic of functionality. The gauntlets and leg / arm sleeves (the cheap plastic parts you can see near knee and elbow joints) make posing the 1/6 ball jointed doll . (BJD) frustrating and tedious The dagger fits into the belt with a questionable peg design, so having it held by centurion looks ... oblique to be kind
 Cylons 001

I paid 38 USD including shipping on Ebay and while that was a deal compared to Amok Time's web page ... I would like to go back in time and [ahem] slap myself. The figure is a doll wrapped in black cloth with little bits of chromed plastic velcroed to it. Check out the silver version review, it is a bright shiny day next to my dark cloud. For the record, Sanjeev's review is informative, enlightening, and distinguished (he is an all-star reviewer and I am a novice at best). I just disagree on the inherent value of this figure ... I created this review as a yin to his yang for perceptive collectors.
 Cylons 003

Thereby, forgive my diatribe and bias ... it does look "cool" from far away and to other collectors it may be a "gem" in their collection. I will endeavor to end on a positive note. I liked the box.

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