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rocky robot
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rocky robot

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I'm not sure I even remember where I got this toy. I think it came in a lot with some carnival machinders, but it certainly was not the main thing I was buying at the time. But I do not recall seeing another one since and now I'm really glad I ended up with it. It seems to come from a series of rather uncommon Italian (but of course, made in Hong Kong) junior machinders called "Rocky Robot". There are 4 different Rocky Robots. This one and 3 others with the heads of Daikengo, Baratak and Combattler V. Each came in the same box and are pictured on the front. I do not have a picture of the sides of the box, but I assume it probably had a box that was checked with the robot inside, as is often the way with these things.  Rocky Robot

This particular Rocky Robot is has this unique head that can be seen on a variety of other toys (such as the Bandai Red Fighter), but as far as I can tell, it does not come from any one particular robot  Rocky Robot

As I type this , I do not know who exactly made these toys (I am trying to find out), but it does share the same arms as the Viking and Goodrock toys made by Il Giocattolo. Maybe that means these were too, but not necessarily, since it also has the same fists as just about every other junior machinder ever made, regardless of company. I've also seen plenty of other juniors that share parts with other toys made by other companies so who knows. I am currently trying to dig into this stuff and figure out all that is out there, but that's another article for another day.  Rocky Robot

At 12" tall, Rocky Robot here is two inches bigger than the the two toys I just mentioned, but at least two inches shorter than most other junior machinders. It's articulated at the neck, shoulders and hips. Both fists shoot and the left can hold a sword (the same sword seen with Goodrock, both Space Heroes and Robot From Outer Space). There is a single missile launcher in the stomach and each leg holds 3 missiles. The missiles seen on this specimen were actually taken from other toys. I believe this would have come with 6 white tipped missiles.  Rocky Robot Rocky Robot

Not much more to say about this guy, but hopefully one day I can bring you a review of the others in the series, as they are pretty interesting and colorful little toys.

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