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STA: Monster In My Pocket Series 2

STA: Monster In My Pocket Series 2

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2nd series Series 2 of Monster in My Pocket are actually the rarest of the series! Listing from 49-72, these guys were the wackiest! These creatures were also more powerful than the 1st series. They ranged from 30-5 points! Great monsters appeared too. The Jabyrwocky from Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking glass, Loch ness Monster and more!!!!With the new series also came New colors! These series was consiting of Neon colors! Neon colors can be found of the first series. We are unsure how they were marketed.*49: Dragon- (30 Point) *50: Jabyrwocky-(30 Point)*51: Warlock-(30 Point)*52: Ymir- (30 Point) *53: Swamp Beast- (30 Point) *54: Golem- (30 Point) *55: Scorpion Man- (25 Point) *56: Loch Ness Monster- (25 Point) *57: Tarasque- (25 Point) *58: Bishop Fish- (25 Point)*59: Herne the Hunter- (20 Point) *60: Ancient Gorgon- (20 Point) *61: Endoplasmic Phantom- (20 Point) *62: Ganesha- (20 Point)*63: Elbow Witch- (20 Point)*64: Minotaur- (15 Point)*65: Merrow- (15 Point)*66: Nucklave- (15 Point)*67: Spectre- (more Like Death) (15 Point)*68: Bloody Bones- (15 Point)*69: Sebec- (10 Point)*70: Druid - (10 Point) *71: Undine- (10 Point)*72: Gargoyle- (10 Point) There is a gap from 73-97. We are unsure, but most are some exlusives that came with Happy meals - Freebe's with Video's etc. Any help would be extremely helpful for everyone! Back To Monster In My Pocket Back To Main Page 1998 shadwcat@interaccess.com

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