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Transformers Cloud (Transformers: Space-Time)

Transformers Cloud (Transformers: Space-Time)


The first chapter begins with the birth of the cosmos accompanied by the beginning of something ... multiple time and space were born after a big bang that turned everything into a nothingness. Time and space want their continuance of "the passage of time," but the result is that those transgressive space and time begin to swell. In order to manage these space-time spaces, creators of life have created a special space-time world. In order to manage "the passing of time" permanently, they created robots that are not organic. These robots are given the responsibility and obligation of settling down the chaotic time and space while handing them the SARA of life creators and the cloud of time and space. After a long time, these non-organic life-style robots have evolved alone into super-mechanical life-changing superplastic beings and call themselves managers of Transformers and the Cloud while singing a high degree of civilization. "SARA" - Spokes as a Creator needs enormous energy to sustain the cloud world. For this reason the rest of the energy space has become a necessity. As the manager of the cloud world, Transformers realized the shuttle between different time and space by using the power of "deformation" and "SARA". Rather, it is because of the role played by "space police" because of the results associated with many spatiotemporal worlds. Only by using the power of "SARA" to open the door to space and time will there be the possibility of moving between time and space. As a result, all inhabitants living in the cloud world fully understood the power of "SARA" and the existence of the existence of the SARA. Even ordinary contacts were regarded as taboo. Time and space managers are also very strict protection of him. Therefore, they believe that quiet peace and prosperity will always be maintained ... However, the so-called will never be a product of excessive delusion. Compared to being "blessed" by "SARA," singing a metropolitan "Metropolitan" with a high degree of civilization and peace, the "underground city" also exists in the cloud world. It is an unmanageable world dominated by disorder. There, violence Accompanying, full of exile by the metropolis, prohibit the movement of space and time around the corner. A transformers who had been expelled by underground cities than the one in the metropolis flag rebel, the world began to carve a new "time flies" ...... The first words - Uprising - Illustration by Yoshioka English story by Wakabayashi In the surveillance room where space and time can be observed, there is a Transformers leader who can command the motorists. He has a strong and huge body, as others say there is a man as a general physique. At first glance, the pair of eyes map the magnificent blue light, but at the same time they feel a strong and gentle feeling. His name is Optimus Prime - the car's chief commander. "How's it going? The jacks are still stable between space and time." "Optimus Prime commander" white robot in space exploration at the headquarters of the car - the jack shook his head, looking back at the sky with a disturbing look column. "Although the reports that make us happy are as steep as they are, regrettably, there is anomalies in the space and time of the 33HM." His eyes and ears shimmered at the same time, and his optimism was always heard from his words. Optimus Prime's eyes collapsed, close to the jack. "What's the anomaly?" "It's still a small area ... but according to my calculations, it can turn out to be a big danger later." "I know, taking advantage of the fact that now the danger has not expanded, somebody needs to be informed in time ..." Metal! Bumblebee to inform the scene !! "A Transformers appeared in the display, the metal will be collected in the first 33HM intelligence told him. "Understand, now send the hornet to the destination urgently." Optimus was satisfied with his strong reply and strong will and ability. Optimus Prime looked at the wrist of the communicator, care about why the hot break has not been reported. "Has the hot break been reported at 24BW?" "No, do you want to get in touch with him?" "The remaining energy was mined and it was urgent to wait until he came out." Metal Confidentiality Looking full Optimus Prime behind. "Know, if you fall into hard fighting, driving to help him is also possible, oh, I will tell him so!" Optimus Prime Imagine the metal-driven car into the thermal break where space and time, can not help but laugh . "The living of the present inhabitants is supported by the residual energy of other spaces.The conditions we can have for a prosperous life are founded by the time-gate formed by the spatiotemporal energy.More importantly," SARA "is here, not As a last resort, never disclose the secrets of "SARA" (some people do not know the specific role of sara). Jack and metal skin, then please continue your investigation! "Listen to Optimus Prime's powerful words, Qi stood up and spoke in unison to their own commander. "Know!" Time and Space Police - The vehicle's mission is to oversee the management of space and time, to maintain peace and order, and at the same time to extract the residual energy of all time and space and bring it back to the metropolis. But there was a hint of anxiety in the core of Optimus Prime, who recalled an active Transformers figure in the obscure corners of the metropolis ... In the cloud world, apart from the metropolis, there was a ruined underground world dominated by chaos Underground city. It is full of violence and disorder. It is full of prisoners who are expelled by the metropolitan. They can not be favored by the space-time gate and "SARA", and even the movement of time and space is forbidden. Transformers transformed the situation in a state of diminishing energy ... The Transformers held a large-scale convention in the center of the underground city, where no one had ever held. His silver armor wrapped around a variety of wounds, carrying a heavy knife on his back. Infiltration of domineering body, only one can see that it is not an ordinary generation. The audience stared a little in front of the darkness, sharp eyes floating up while the sound rang across the square. "Comrades in the underground city." All the brutal brutal guys gathered in the main square were quiet at this moment. The eyes of all the people are investing in the transformers sitting in sandalwood. His gaze swept through the crowd of viewers, pointing his finger up and opening again."The inhabitants of the metropolis use the power of" SARA "to collect a lot of energy in other spaces through the space-time gate, they are free to distribute food and live a rich life." Then there is a long silence. Sandal sitting Transformers carefully watching the immediate audience. Some of these people have set foot in the world, while others are huge and strange. "But in contrast to these, our situation ...? We are not allowed to cross time and space, let alone taste the sweetness, even the abandoned metropolis is deporting us!" In this moment he was big Taking a breath, the angry iron fist lifted up and shouted. "This is not fair! This is not unreasonable! What are we waiting for! So silent, closed your eyes to die in this abandoned place is what you expect it!" Transformers against these underground cities were called, While slowly accelerating the rhythm of speech. "No !! Now is the time to resist! We want the metropolitan jerks to know that only those who have the power are the real dominators !!" "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh !!! The crowd gathered like a cloud of passionate, cheers and roar of roar. For the first time, lawless elements in underground cities reached a consensus. "As always, a very attractive it ~ Megatron adults." The red spider has been waiting behind praised the just speech with flattering lines. "Well! Your flattering I have already heard enough. Put away your little thinking." Megatron glanced at the spider cold, continue to look to the audience. "It was like this from the beginning of the torch, when I had too much oil in it, and at this moment ... the chance to win the metropolis ... has waited for a long time!" He whispered with a bold smile. After Megatron finished the final "processing", he raised his fist again and shouted aloud. "It's a good starting point !! The destination is the metropolis! Victory is in our hands!" "Decepticons ... Deformation !!!" People Archives Like Transformers Official Fiction Transformers: Time and Space

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