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wheelie survivalist
  • wheelie survivalist
  • wheelie survivalist
  • wheelie survivalist
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  • wheelie survivalist
  • wheelie survivalist
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wheelie survivalist

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Here I am with my second Transformers 3rd Party toy. This means this is an unofficial toy without the blessing of Hasbro so to speak. This time it's of the Jar Jar Binks of the Transformers Universe as he is sometimes referred to. Why? Because he's a bit annoying with his high pitched voice and rhyming dialogue. However, in this release, he has a chance to shine. Normally, I would not be so excited about this figure because frankly, I could care less about a Wheelie toy. However, not only did this company make a pretty good figure, went so far as to use diecast. Lots of it. My interest was now shifted to this figure.

As of this writing I am not really sure who makes this toy. According to internet information, he is referred to as "X-Transbots Wheelie Survivalist". Whoever makes it did a good job. If anybody knows the name for sure , please comment.

He comes in a simple three color box. Black, white and orange. It's simple in it's design but is inspired by G1 boxes. They were even inspired enough to use "Transformer" without the .. "s" and "Much Much more than meets the eye" slogan on the box Surprisingly, he is even called Wheelie These guys are not afraid to get Hasbro's attention

The back carries the same colors, but it has pretty good artwork depicting Wheelie and the Dinobots with a sprinkling of Sharkticons for good measure. Off to the right, you will see the silhouette of "Glider" which is their upcoming version of Powerglide. Just to the left of that is an indication of what I believe to be Wheelie's slingshot that will supposedly be included with the next release. I've read there were some issues that kept the slingshot from being included.

< p> The figure itself is laid out on a plastic clamshell tray. No accessories are included except for two plastic credit card looking cards. One is printed solid and the other is printed see-through with black and orange inks used throughout. Pretty useless, but the fact that they are made of nice plastic makes it pretty cool.

Included inside are the instructions and a slew of factions symbols and more. There are letters and numbers and some Wheelie stickers in different variations. I noticed they are printed backwards as if to be used on the inside of something clear. There is nothing clear on Wheelie. Very strange indeed. The stickers look and feel cheap. The border surrounding the faction symbols is so huge that you would need to trim it. The colors are shifted pretty bad. Worthless. I've read they peel easily.

The back of the instruction sheet doubles as a small poster that shows the artwork from the back of the box in full color.


I will be starting with his alt mode which is basically a small Cybertronian looking car. There are many seams that distract the eye, but overall not too bad. Diecast consists of the entire upper cockpit section minus the grey cockpit lid which flips open to reveal nothing. The wheels are also diecast surrounded by soft rubber tires.
IMG_4397  IMG_4398

Here's a sneak peek at what's going on underneath.

Transformation is rather fun although there are some tight joints. Namely the hands and feet ... which are diecast, so that's OK with me. There are bigger pictures of this sequence in the album.


So what do you guys think? Not too bad right? He looks faithful to his on-screen counterpart. Robot mode is actually quite nice. He is nicely balanced and I do not have any problems standing him even though he is a bit top heavy due to the concentration of diecast on his chest in this mode His fists are diecast as are his feet and the wheels as previously mentioned

Up close you can see how nicely sculpted the face is PLEASE NOTE:. The Autobot symbol is not the one you get with the kit I've used one from Reprolabels since the kit stickers are rubbish The figure comes straight out.. of the box with no stickers at all.

The back has nothing hanging or out of place.

Articulation is somewhat limited in the shoulder area so you are unable to swing them out to the sides The legs are also somewhat limited to crazy poses This is probably the most action you'll get

When spreading the legs to the side, be mindful of some thin molding areas on the upper thigh. This area comes to a thin point that can easily be snapped off if stretched to far. Even if they snap, that will not affect the figure as it serves no purpose at all. Feel free to snip them if they bother you. They are almost molding flash in my opinion.

Although I have no problems standing him, he sometimes wants to bend over. This happens when his heavy diecast upper half decided to come undone and spills forward. This happens when two tabs that are molded in the diecast come out of the two holes on his crotch which are used to stabilize the upper section. They tab in precisely but not securely. Nail polish will do the trick. Apparently they accounted for the thickness of the painted diecast. Looseness depends on how thick it was sprayed with paint. I prefer this over scraping diecast trying to shove it in the tabs.
< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/602334-3/IMG_4409.jpg" width = "640" height = "427" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "IMG_4409" />

Wondering how tall he is?

So how exactly does he scale up to other Transformers? I believe they were trying to make this a Masterpiece (MP) size . Sort of. I mean, that what he closely scales to. Here is MP-01 Convoy (Optimus Prime).

The newly released MP-10 Convoy
IMG_4941 < / p>

Here he is with my custom painted MP-09 Rodimus Prime
 rodimus  IMG_4417

Let's not forget Masterpiece Grimlock. A bit too big for Grimlock but it's enough to have fun with .
IMG_4418 IMG_4420

"Me Grimlock no like you!"

So was it worth the $ 50? Let's put it this way, I don ' t feel buyers remorse when I look at him. Your mileage may vary if you absolutely do not like Wheelie's design or absolutely can not stand diecast on your Transformers. Believe it or not, I have read many threads on people complaining about this figure having diecast. To each their own. I got the best of both collecting worlds right here. Diecast fists? yes please.

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