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transformers 4 us version (aoe) sailing home drift
  • transformers 4 us version (aoe) sailing home drift
  • transformers 4 us version (aoe) sailing home drift

transformers 4 us version (aoe) sailing home drift


Name: Drift Name: Genuine Version Drill Version: Normal Edition Price: Unknown Prototype: Unknown Toy Number: Unknown Material Type: Plastic Proportion: Unknown Specification: Unknown Time: Unknown Toy Category: Armor Finished Level or Category: Sailing Home Series: Transformers 4 US Edition (AOE) Manufacturer: Son of the Treasurer official map physical Figure 2 I have to modify my to modify the film drift in the helicopter shape tail is so obvious, empty hammer mold is m 24 Armed helicopters, light to see the tail, with the figure does not match, just the official trick to play, to a botcon-type re-coffin Biao Biao ^ _ ^ drift instant v-level, the proportion is certainly not right, the detective only v-class Drift should also be d-class film drift in the human chest can see the front of the Bugatti Veyron v-level drift naturally in the humanoid reduction degree on the wind and the horse is not the same, but the work of Zuo Yi still have a kind of action ^ _ ^ Drift in the change of 4 in the face is quite handsome of the head carving done much better than the d level, contours, details are very good, and painted very tight, can not afford to paint. But the charm is also some of the poor, mainly cheekbones a little too convex good, look at the toy mold is good, the official used to recoat, personally feel that the line is also OK, empty hammer first re-coated version, anyway, do not expect the child Remember to take out a 3 drift, and very fortunate to take the change is not 2d class Tomahawk (ie: Asia limited d class classic spring / change 3 days version d level whirlwind) to Tu, otherwise it is really terrible. The The This new Vietnamese factory in the variable 4 toys in the performance is also good, better than the Vietnamese really good man-made multi-angle preview preview color is very good work is also very good material no problem this mold used in drifting body, personally feel better than empty hammer Poor paint more delicate weapons accessories do not use the empty hammer of the axis of the weapons, but two can be combined machetes machetes can be combined sword three buckle, kaita constitute a little hammer to compare the hammer to compare it, I will not And then carry out one by one photo comparison, and we look back at the front of the empty hammer links can change the model on the three: head carving, weapons accessories, fist fist in order to take machetes and swords, made a modest ^ _ ^ look Look at the details of the human form, the structure of what will not repeat, and presumably everyone should be very familiar with the head carving is also good, than the d-level progress a lot of head no problem a little head also 360 rotation no problem behind the transparent Painted on the right side of the right shoulder there are factions logo, left shoulder no fist grip weapons will produce white marks, but the back several times to try to plug, white marks did not deepen the two fists are like this, feel obscure, take the water shower for a few seconds , White mark out of weapons in the two forms of how to carry instructions and boxes are not on the description, only their own study ^ _ ^ human form is really did not find the default location, only Renjun preferences placed Do not in the waist, then need to open the propeller on both sides can also be equipped with a haha ??or is hanging in the rear of the arm, although very stable, but the impact of the lateral side of the arm looked positive, but also a bit strange so Line or so. The The The Anyway, Renjun adjusted ^ _ ^ Well, to point pose show about mobility, stability and joint tightness: Yingzisashuang big step forward can go back, mobility has been added a lot of feet Grounding on the neglect of bent over Zuo Yi pressure hands can also be twisted waist chop chopped easy and then split! The mobility of the legs is very comfortable, but the thigh did not turn the joints, or legs of the mobility is even better, and now only the calf can turn the body joints tightly very good, very bit hack! No arthritis pose pose really only enjoy ^ _ ^ Japanese warrior drift used in this mold, cool! The center of gravity is better grasp the knife chopper material is not soft, good color twisted back up without domineering under the kneeling, such as Tuojiao take big sword double hilt is also considered decent, though not so beautiful. The The Big sword grip steady Dangdang small cannon can be removed from the back to the two arm or Shuang Shuai hands d level of the body is not so good. The The Empty hammer this mold, it should be used as drift exclusive Well ^ _ ^ deformation structure is very comfortable, there is no need to pay attention to the place where the buckle, the seam is considered in place Unfortunately, the tail is not the same as the screen, but the whole model The effect is still very good, the official did not take idw rotten to re-painted drift, or more tragic Haha manual is also lazy, and did not mention the weapons under the models, but is indeed equipped with this, the blade just has a preset Of the falcon, inserted into the wing of the card hole effect can not change the official 3 variable drift, only the use of ninja avatar surgery, and become both drift. The The Do not say! Change 5 really to a drift avatar combat, it may be on the bunker ^ _ ^ helicopter color is Bugatti Veyron. The The The size of the model ratio 2014-9-14 11:49 upload and download attachments (107.68 KB) Well, right here. This v-level drift, personally feel that the re-painted was a good, empty hammer mold itself is very good, just empty hammer in the four films are not scenes, so was loopholes is also sooner or later things ~ good in this section in the material, Painting, work, joint tightness and other hardware aspects of the chain did not fall, to miss the empty hammer movie pit players another choice ^ _ ^ Acknowledgments 78 animation users itouch19822011 in the exposing Huang Bang activities to provide information I have to modify the purchase date: 2014 Comments: This mold in addition to the thigh did not turn the joints lead to look a bit strange, the other very good drops 05.jpg (122.2 KB, Downloads: 0) 06.jpg (97.83 KB, Downloads: 1) 04. Jpg (99.87 KB, Downloads: 0) 02.jpg (95.94 KB, Downloads: 0) 03.jpg (119.15 KB, Downloads: 0) 01.jpg (116.38 KB, Downloads: 0) 07.jpg 108.76 KB, Downloads: 0) 08.jpg (115.64 KB, Downloads: 0) 09.jpg (113.96KB, Downloads: 0) 10.jpg (139.43 KB, Downloads: 0) 11.jpg (122.81 KB, Downloads: 0) 12.jpg (83.28 KB, Downloads: 0) 13.jpg (97.16 KB, Downloads: 0) 14.jpg (81.73 KB, Downloads: 0) 15.jpg (99.78 KB, Downloads: 0) 16.jpg (110.79 KB, Downloads: 0) 17.jpg (92.55 KB, Downloads) : 0) 18.jpg (81.73 KB, Downloads: 0) 19.jpg (96.22 KB, Downloads: 0) Acknowledgments 78 Anime User lufei provides information on similar events in Transformers' Series of toys sailor class steel lock Transformers live version of the film 3 US version of the series of toys weapons shaft drive series sailing home empty hammer Transformers live version of the film 3 US version of the series of toys weapons shaft series sailing family ambulance Transformers live version of the film 4 US version of the series of toys to enhance the level of drift Transformers live version of the film 5 US version of the series of toys to enhance the level of drift change Jin Gang G series Voyager class toy Hurricane player works if you have described on this page and in the works around 78 forum post, you can click the button to the right of contribution I want to contribute

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