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transformers 4 us version (aoe) enhanced level drift
  • transformers 4 us version (aoe) enhanced level drift
  • transformers 4 us version (aoe) enhanced level drift

transformers 4 us version (aoe) enhanced level drift


Name: Drift Name: Genuine Version Drill Version: Ordinary Edition Official Price: Unknown Prototype: Daxi Yu Mi Toy Item: Unknown Material Type: Plastic Proportion: Unknown Specification: Unknown Time of sale: Unknown Toy Category: Meat Finished Level or Category: Strengthen the series: Transformers 4 US version (AOE) manufacturers: children's treasure official map physical map evaluation of physical Figure 2 physical Figure 3 I have to modify the 2014-2-16 16:38 upload and download attachments (162.47 KB) 78 animation users only love Maybach in the exposing table activities to provide information I have to modify the first look at the degree of rejuvenation of toys: Maizu recently interviewed by the media when talking about the reason why the luxury car get together, because the car dealers All know to join 4 for their car sales mean. (Transformers series of film every box office is high, the appeal is really not covered, is definitely a good advertising platform) However, each vendor in the negotiations with the Mai guide when he made the only request - - must be Bo Pai role! The problem came, how to do Lamborghini LP700? So, Maiguan told them, if the role is a cool bounty hunter, are you willing? ... Lamborghini side immediately call him: Oh? That's really cool! Just do it! Therefore, the ban on the loss of LP700. The title of the ^ _ ^ Bugatti Veyron, this car to play drift / flick is definitely to play Liu Xiang tennis, irrelevant! layman! There is no longer open chat here, people car Chi 7 chat enough to match the color of the toy model and the map is clearly a big difference, the shape of the wheel is right, although the figure is more than once in the change 4 film shot (Bugatti Veyron) is the world's top ultra-running model, the most common models of the Chinese market price also 25 million yuan, high-performance version of the Bugatti Veyron (Bugatti Veyron) is the world's top ultra-running model, The price is more than 35 million or more. Its brand from Italy, by the French depot is responsible for production, under the German Volkswagen's. Wei Hang is Veyron's official Chinese name, but many fans prefer to call it "Veyron". Wei Hang series mainly SuperSport, GrandSport, Vitesse VIC, Hermes special edition, ceramic special edition and other sub-models, are equipped with 8.0L W16 four turbocharged engine, speed range of 407 ~ 434km / h range. Car models have to help out! O (? _ ?) O ha ha ~ the overall reduction of the toy is still very good, the basic details are not missing car models to show a few it ^ _ ^ tail with the speed of the automatic adjustment of the angle of the tail, of course Can put away the details of the engine Autoart 1:18 Bugatti Veyron, doing it quite fine, very very personal like! Artwork must be opened and the gap between the toy fully open mode details of the car meticulously rigorous reduction of real car luxury cockpit internal rearview mirror, reading lights, sun visor make-up mirror, certainly not miss friends ^ _ ^ The copyright, of course, not neglect, car dealers are also supervised! Drift of the humanoid set is the Japanese warrior, the right is to change the 4 drift voice of the Japanese actor Watanabe Qian, on this actor, not detailed description, interested xd can find the mother according to the human figure put a! Reduced degree is still drifting in the change of the four people set is the Japanese warrior Japanese warrior temperament is there, but look back at the front of the set map, it is easy to see, mouth do not look good. The The Chin's beard also no color separation As for the Japanese warrior, we Baidu it, I will not go more nonsense, or to see this year's film "47 ronin", there are all about the Japanese warrior ... ... more people to restore Degree, can only look forward to the film's release ~ Well, look at the specific performance of toys: packaging front, drift the face is still very praise, but unfortunately the toy head carved do not have the fire ~ look at the model: Since it is drift, it is inevitable Will take the drift of the classic 3.0 to do more than the classic small ~ ~ the difference between the width of the car is not much car division line, the gap control in general, not very tight will not release is a pity that I won this award , The front cover is flawed ~ ~ ~ ~ tail also made out, although not as car models can be put away ^ _ ^ tail details are doing well! Bugatti's logo clearly visible engine part of the details are also portrayed Unfortunately, there is no metallic color. The The Rear view mirror will not miss the rolling Unfortunately, the headlamps are non-transparent, but the color processing, the network of Bugatti logo because the area is too small, can not print the details of the type of car is really very quasi! Great! Window transparent parts do not omit the car is a good collection of the two swords, the car also received two knife with variable 3d class ambulance almost part of the size of the models here, the performance is not bad! 16 steps of the deformation process is no problem deformation smooth, at one go, do not dragging its feet, the perfect admission of all weapons roughly deformation process ^ _ ^ snap precision, reasonable and clever deformation, do not need brute force, do not worry about the device The knife into the car at the top of the humanoid than the classic drift to the dwarf human form can also be a good admission all the weapons painted more detailed backpack is not cumbersome, more will not hinder the center of gravity without heels. The The There is no classic drift on the back handle but the classic drift foot processing is also very general. Classic drift of the shoulder has been lost, a certain degree of obstruction of the arm mobility is certainly the classic drift capable ^ _ ^ who do not like the back of a turtle shell decomposition of humanoid: head carved lift and left and right turn no problem, Why should we be portrayed as a smile? The The Behind the transparent parts, the eyes can be translucent chest is the front, the abdomen has mechanical details and Bugatti logo, painted fine back to the back of the back of the card has a fixed, more stable shoulder joints rich. Yellow arrows are rotating joints, making the arm before and after the swing, the black arrow is the shoulder movable joints, seemingly gear joints, in fact, not ^ _ ^ white arrow is a shoulder joint movable joints, all joints are very tight Is the gear joints, ha ha shoulder a relatively large range of movement, the basic will not hinder the activities of the shoulder wheel all the wheels are not metal rivets elbow is the gear joints, the same has to do the rotationJoints, tightness is very good wrist only inside and outside the folding joints, non-gear joints ^ _ ^ arms mobility is very good! This is much stronger than the classic drift waist with the classic drift, no rotation joints. Yellow arrow refers to the gear joints, good pitch, tightness of the hip is also a good rotation of the joints, control the legs before and after the swing, the elastic is also very good thigh rotation knee seems to be gear joints, in fact, not ^ _ ^ Elastic moderate yellow arrow refers to the above mentioned thigh rotation joints. White arrow refers to the rear of the fuel tank cover parts, will affect the rate of squatting at this time only need to open this component can get more squat range, and no obstacle ^ _ ^ Of course, can also change the calf side The position of the part to get more squatting The tail part will affect the dynamic range of the heel, but it is not very important that the ankle does not make a spherical joint, only the front and rear of the folding joint foot is a piece, side to do the action Time, grounding is not good ~ good, do point pose look at how to move: walking, running pressure-free arm is a good move, no difficulty in the waist squat easy to move the palm of your hand can not turn the waist ~ ~ weapons are soft plastic, material Good foot of the ground comparison ? ~ body joints are tightness, pose is to enjoy the expression is too drag the hind legs, actually is a smile, alas The The Or domineering will be enough feet standing a long knife can not stand up and forward! Arm can be fishing behind the knife intended to eat me a knife? The Fly it! Flying! The It seems drifting in the film 4 is definitely a fighting skills good warrior knife straight poke the opponent heart! Speaking of warriors, of course, can not be separated from the abdomen. The The By the classic drift to your fault when it is wrong! The Kneeling action can barely do. The arm of the move is very good hands holding the sword do not mention the hands do not go behind no problem and then look like a little cool, so easy to follow the point ^ _ ^ body can also, lower leg strength is relatively strong, hey ~ legs thick Well ~ good So, so much. Overall, this drift is doing well! Very good mobility, no waist and the foot of the rough treatment more regret, material color are ok, humanoid models are all weapons to the classic drift in line. Head carved painted too approachable point ~ models do well, look forward to the Japanese version will have a better and more detailed and more accurate color, while looking forward to drift in the performance of the film ^ _ ^ read lufei brother reproduced "child treasure design Division John Wharton to change 4 to enhance the level of drift ": http://bbs.78dm.net/forum.php? Mo ... & amp; extra = page% 3D1 found drifting human form of weapons can also be the way so, so Take a few, nor is it a big deal of things, pure fill map it ^ _ ^ blade has a reserved hole can be equipped with a thank you 78 cartoon friends itouch19822011 in the exposing Huang Bang activities to provide information I have to modify the advantages: 1 vehicle reduction High 2 material, workmanship, paint are good 3 joint tightness moderate 4 models rolling good 5 joint buckle are good 6 weapons in the humanoid models can be a perfect storage 7 deformation structure smooth Disadvantages: 1 face is not enough to restore 2 waist can not (119.79 KB, Downloads: 123) 02.jpg (112.81 KB, Downloads: 122) 03.jpg (113.7 KB, Downloads: 123) 02.jpg (112.81 KB, Downloads: 122) 03.jpg (113.7 KB, Downloads: 123) 02.jpg (112.81 KB, Downloads: 122) 03.jpg (113.7 KB, under (110.32 KB, Downloads: 123) 05.jpg (108.33 KB, Downloads: 122) 06.jpg (120.66 KB, Downloads: 123) 07.jpg (115.52 KB, Downloads) (113.71 KB, downloads: 123) 09.jpg (113.91 KB, Downloads: 123) 10.jpg (116.26 KB, Downloads: 123) 11.jpg (105.74 KB, Downloads: 123) (121.9 KB, Downloads: 123) 14.jpg (121.1 KB, Downloads: 123) 15.jpg (110.24 KB, Downloads: 123) 16.jpg (99.93 KB, Downloads: 121) 17 (97.07 KB, Downloads: 121) 18.jpg (113.75 KB, Downloads: 121) 19.jpg (97.51 KB, Downloads: 121) 20.jpg (116.67 KB, Downloads: 121) 21.jpg (90.31 KB, downloads: 121) 22.jpg (120.25 KB, downloads: 122) 2 (92.41 KB, downloads: 113). () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () jpg (103.81 KB, Downloads: 103) Acknowledgments 78 Anime User lufei We provide information on the event in the event.Information Similar to the player's work If you have posted around this page and posting in the 78 forum, you can click the right button to submit.

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