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venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold
  • venus ace queen of gold

venus ace queen of gold

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GX-12MAG Venus Ace Queen Of Gold
By Leonardo Flores
Having decided last year to seriously collect Soul of Chogokin figures I decided I wanted to get some of the rare pieces first or pieces that CollectionDX has not reviewed yet.
One figure that has always stood out to me in pure beauty is GX-12MAG Venus Ace Queen of Gold. While the normal Mazinger Angels releases do not do much for me it is these special premium releases of the Mazinger Angels that are some of the most beautiful in the entire SOC line. As far as I know these .. Mazinger Angels releases were only available as premiums through the Mazinger Angels magazine Because of the limited availability, these usually sell for much more on the second hand market and highly sough for by collectors
To date, only five Mazinger Angles premiums have been released: GX-08MAW Aphrodai Snow White, GX-09MAB Minerva X MA La Sirene De Noir, GX-09SS Minerva X Shining Shadow, GX-11MAM Dianan A Blue Mermaid and the subject of this review GX-12MAG Venus Ace Queen of Gold.
GX-12MAG Venus Ace Queen of Gold includes: 1x Venus Ace Figure, 1x Staff, 1x Jet, 4x hands, 2x Breasts missiles, 1x bird motif, 1x instructions, 2x stand parts, 1x sticker.

As previously stated I have been wanting this figure for a long time, all that gold and silver chrome and Venus A as a sexy Egyptian Goddess just had all the hallmarks of a great release.
So it was disappointing that when I opened up the sealed brand new box that the gold paint on the chest was crazed and cracked. The chrome throughout the figure also was not polished out correctly or the finish dried rough. I have seen many SOC gold and chrome releases and usually the finish is flawless. Accordingly the figure appears much more dull than it could be which was a huge let down. Again , just because something is sealed in a box C-10 left untouched and blessed by the Pope does not mean there is a mint toy in the box. All it means is you have a nice looking box.
After the initial let down of the finish I was impressed with the overall design of the figure. Besides Minerva X's premiums I believe that Queen Of Gold is one of the best realized of the series. I like the arm and leg band jewelry and the color choices were well thought out. The face and bird motif details are also well rendered.

Assembly is strait forward. Snap in the fists or use the open finger hands if you want to attach the staff to the hand. I never liked the designed of these Mazinger Angles hands as they are a hand with a ball on the tip that snaps into the wrist. Over time that rubber ball is going to break at the joint so I suggest picking the two hands you want to use and keeping them on the figure.
The breast missiles snap into the chest and the bird motif snaps onto the tips of the breast missiles. Careful not to shoot your eye out, as the parts are pointy sharp! The Venus A rubber jet is shaped like a bird, with the head of the bird pivoting back to look like a swan when put into the head. The wing was slightly warped due to settling in the package but can easily be bent back into shape under hot water I do like the shape of the jet as it elegantly fits with the overall theme of Queen Of Gold
The paint details of the Bird motif are beautiful and actually look like they might glow under a black light.
Standing back it is one of the best releases in the entire Soul of Chogokin line but sadly my example is below quality and I am not sure if they are all like this or not. If you have a chance to purchase one make sure you check out the finish before you lay down your hard earned Yen. I am definitely glad I picked up this rare piece for my SOC collection but being under finished I am a bit put back by the quality especially knowing this piece could glow with beauty

2010 article and pictures by Leonardo Flores 0026 amp;. Collection DX

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