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blitzkreig combination big daix
  • blitzkreig combination big daix
  • blitzkreig combination big daix
  • blitzkreig combination big daix
  • blitzkreig combination big daix
  • blitzkreig combination big daix
  • blitzkreig combination big daix
  • blitzkreig combination big daix
  • blitzkreig combination big daix

blitzkreig combination big daix

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Mark M

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This is my first review, and I am not totally sure where to start

I guess the beginning is as good as anything ..... 1988, the year we got our first VCR We went to get some videos On that day I got 2 videos, one. was Fraggle Rock, the other was Star Fleet- Space Quest for F-01 (I still have both videos in immaculate condition). Since then I have had a love of Star Fleet, and in particular, the robot from the series, the Dai -X. Originally called X Bomber in Japan, it was re-named Star Fleet for the UK and it aired in '82. One notable difference between the UK and Japanese versions is the UK's superior theme music.

Back then I wanted a toy of Dai-X so much Flash forward to December 2002, I was starting collecting G1 Transformers, Thundercats, and dabbling with MOTU, GI Joe, MASK and various other 80's toy lines. At this time I was getting a UK based magazine called Model and Collectors Mart, which always reviewed figures, and had articles on old toy lines and adverts for various shops around the UK and some State side. To my utter amazement in the advert for Offworld (long since out of business), pictures of their shop and contact information, there it was ... Dai-X. Not just Dai X, but ALL the various Star Fleet toys. This set about an internet search finding out all I could about Star Fleet. What I discovered was, it was originally called X Bomber, there were various toys made, and they were far too expensive. At this time I called Offworld and found out the Blitz Krieg Combination Big Dai-X went for around 200 MISB. At the time, for an unemployed 17 year old College Art student, the prices for any of the Dai-X toys were far out of my price range for one toy. I finally bit the bullet and used some cash from selling various Transformers, etc. on eBay to purchase the one robot I always wanted, Blitz Krieg Combination Big Dai-X! Big shout out and . thanks to Albert Penello

Now, enough of my story, and on to the review For arguments sake. . I will be referring mostly to the English names

BRAINCOM / Brainder - Piloted by Shiro Hagen .

Braincom 2. 

The smallest of the three ships forms the head of the mech It is pretty light. , and aside from the front section, not the most interesting of the group. It has two missile launchers. It also has retractable landing wheels made of metal and plastic. I wish the cockpit had been made of translucent blue like the other ships. Braincom is definitely the least show accurate of the three, but then that is not necessarily a bad thing;. otherwise it would just be the head with the face opened up All in all a nice ship, but not the best of the three

MAINBODY / Jumbody - Piloted by Barry Hercules


The second largest ship forms the body for the mech Packing the most diecast of the three, the entire front and back sections are made of metal, like a metal armor clam shell It also.. has metal and plastic landing gear, and boasts a beautiful, ingenious way for the landing gear to retract. It also has two missile launchers on top. Unlike Braincom, this is quite show accurate ... having said that, for it to be show accurate involves kind of being left between ship and body. It is a great ship and definitely my second favorite of the three. Also just to point out the missile launcher canopies, which open to reveal the missiles, are featured in the show. < / span>

LEGTRAX / Legstar - Piloted by John Lee


Legtrax back.jpg

The largest of the three ships forms the legs. Legtrax also has a lot of diecast, nearly as much as Mainbody. It has two missile launchers on both sides, which can be rotated, and both front sections are also projectiles. Like the other two, it has the metal and plastic landing gears, but Takatoku included the same feature as on the Macross Valkyries, the nail hurting spring loaded landing gear. This is definitely my favorite of the 3 ships .

Now for the Main Event ....


Standing at 12" (well 11.5 "to be exact) Dai-X is an impressive robot Dai-X was designed by Go Nagai, and is caught somewhere in between the classic super robots of the 70's and the mecha from the 80's, which just makes him all the more cool, in my opinion


The head is very reminiscent of the Gundam . robots

 Close up 2.JPG

First off, he is heavy; the chest, back and lower legs are made of diecast He also has a lot. of nice chrome parts


 Mainbody TV show.jpg

He definitely has shelf presence, and unlike a lot of combining robots, he has a unified color scheme much like Transformers Devastator, or Ideon. Articulation is very limited by today's standard, but has better articulation than many other robots of the time. He has ratchet shoulder joints allowing his arms to do a full 360 degree turn and rise fully out to the side. . That is pretty much it

 Dai-X with sword 

Like a lot of robots from this time he has the signature firing fists Having. said that, only the right on mine seems to work, but the left fist is definitely designed to be fired like the right. He also packs a lot of fire power with six operational missile launchers.

 My Blitz Krieg Combination set.jpg

< p class = "MsoNormal" style = "line-height: normal;"> He also has spinning blades, a large black sword, and a beautiful large chrome sword

For me this toy has been nothing but so much fun to finally own and play with The only negative drawback to the whole toy is the price ... I. would love to own a mint boxed one, but I just can not bring myself to part with that much money. This cost me 294, then an added 70 for customs charges.

Would I recommend him ... Yes, if you are a fan and you can afford him and, like myself, really must have him Aside from this. there are only a few other Dai-X toys on the market and this is by far the best of all of them. He is a big brick of a toy, but a very nice looking, heavy, fun brick of a toy.

I hope this review exposes many more to a somewhat unknown show and amazing robot which dearly deserves a modern update in Bandai's Soul of Chogokin line or CM's Corp brave Gokin etc. Judging by Bandai's SOC Ideon, they could do an amazing job on Big Dai-X.

PS X Bomber had a much larger fan base in the UK than most people realized On TV at the time, it was rivaling Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks It was so popular that rock legend and Queen guitarist Brian May.. did a cover of the theme tune and released an EP with fellow rock legend Eddie Van Halen called Brian May's Star Fleet Project. How many shows can boast that, and how many robots can claim to have been featured on an EP cover? Exactly. < / span>

Star Fleet the complete series is now available in a beautiful collector's box set in the UK, released by Fabulous Films .

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