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I never really liked Coneheads. I'm talking about the annoying aliens on those old SNL episodes. However, I do loves me some Transformers coneheads. I'm talking about the seekers that when transformed retain the nosecone of their jet mode on their head. Dirge happens to be one of them and he's pretty cool so let's check him out.

Dirge comes in your standard Generations blister-pack with cardboard backing. He is held in with paper twine inside of a plastic tray. You'll notice that the rear section in the package looks broken and separated. Good news is that it's not broken, just separated. Good luck finding one that is not like that for all you MISB guys. The rear section is not tied down in the package so the rear section gets separated during shipment.

We'll start out in it's default out-of- the-box mode. It's your typical, highly knocked-off Henkei / Classics style mold with a couple of wing differences to differentiate it from it's other seeker twins. It's is awesomely done in a color scheme highly reminiscent of it's G1 counterpart. I don 't know about you, but I can not get enough of this mold The blue parts are molded in a pearly blue while the wings are done in a metallic butterscotch color

Underneath , you immediately notice where most of the robot mode is hiding. You can even see Dirge's face in this position.

Once you transform him, you are left with a genuine old school style robot mode. It's got a cool blocky type body which most older collectors / G1 fans will love. Movie fans might find it rather simple.

Dirge's back looks very much like his alternate mode .. .a jet. The big huge bell bottom wings are a tad annoying since they take up space and look awkward.

Check out this great Decepticon logo on his chest. I love classic two color insignias. It gives the figure a certain something you just can not capture with a single color paint application.

Not to be left out are these huge Decepticon logos on his wings. Sharp eyed readers will notice that the logo is missing a bit of detail. The center piece on the forehead should have a small white triangle inside of it. Apparently Hasbro realized this and fixed later versions. Some have all 3 logos wrong, some only the wings wrong , some have wings with one of each.

Although his transformation and robot mode are very close to what you would find in the G1 version, there is a lot more articulation to be found in this version.

If you are a fan of seekers, you probably already own 32 variations of this mold. If you do not own one, this is probably your cheapest option that is somewhat readily available (aside from Thrust). Even if you do not dig the Coneheads on TV, you'll dig this conehead.

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