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From Wikipedia

The Brave of Gold Goldran is a Japanese anime television series series begun in 1995, created by Sunrise under the direction of Shinji Takamatsu, and was the sixth in the Yuusha meta-series funded by Takara and produced by Sunrise. Goldran follows the adventures of three young boys who are tasked with finding alien robot fighters, or Braves, that are sleeping in the form of crystals. Their major antagonist is the flamboyant and thoroughly incompetent Walter, and the villains that follow him are often similarly humorous. The entire show is extremely focused on comedy and silliness almost to the exclusion of much in the way of storytelling, although the series does develop some running plot lines towards its end. In terms of television ratings, Goldran was the peak of the Brave series' popularity.

Today I will be reviewing the Goldran DX re -issue, made by Sonokong / Takara. The sample for today's review was provided graciously by our friend Jeff Stein over at High End Transformers. Please check them out or just click on the Ebay links at the bottom of the page for a direct link to the item reviewed today.

Goldran is the main mecha character from the anime "The Brave of Gold Goldran" He is essentially a two component robot. One component being a robot that can turn into a car (Dran) that becomes the chest of Goldran. The other being a Mecha Godzilla like robot (Golgon) that turns into Goldran when combined with the first.

To start off with, Goldran comes to you in a beautifully illustrated, heavy corrugated cardboard box shown below.


In the photo below we have Golgon and Dran together in their alternate modes. These are the two mecha that I mentioned above that become Goldran


First up is Dran. Dran's robot mode stand about 5 "tall is made out mostly gold chrome plated platic. The Gold Chrome plating looks really sharp and has no visible flaws that I could see. Articulation for Dran is limited to the elbows, so he is basically a "static pose" figure. Dran comes with a sword that can be held in either hand via a peg molded onto the sword. Drans robot mode is rather boring and is pretty underwhelming when compared with the other figure in this set.

Dran's alternate car mode is not much better than the robot mode. As you can see below, The car has an elongated chassis, giving it awkward looking proportions. However, the car is very solid and its wheels roll freely.


Onto Golgon! Golgon is the Mecha Godzilla looking robot you see below. Golgon stands about 10 "and sports a beautiful golden chrome finish like Dran above. This figure has articulation in its arms and jaw, that's about it. Golgon is a pretty impressive figure but sufferers from a few odd proportions due to its design. As you can see, the chest area is rather large, rendering his tiny arms useless. Also , his legs just look odd because of having no visible knee joint. These issues are only minor and I can live with them.

SS853057 < / p>

Here is where the real fun begins! Goldran!

Goldran is a truly stunning figure, standing at nearly 12 "tall also makes him pretty large . As you can see in the photo below, Goldran includes a sword and sheath the sheath holds securely to his side and gives Goldran that old Samurai look, very cool indeed

SS853048 < br />  

After examining the five photos above, you can clearly see that Goldran looks great from any angle. Heck, he even looks menacing close up! Proportionally , Goldran is awesome in this mode. I would say he is one of the better looking mecha characters from all the Brave Series.

Goldran does not just have good looks ..... He also has fire power and tons of it! He has 12 launching mechanisms for plenty of that "you'll shoot your eye out goodness"! Do not worry if you loose a few projectiles testing it out on the family pet or wife, because he includes a total of 48 red missiles!


Shoulder mounted Gatling style launchers that are activated by turning a knob on the backside of the shoulder.


Wrist cuff launchers, just in case the shoulders were not enough to take out the enemy.


Finally, shin mounted launchers that are almost a concealed weapons at first glance.


Yup, Goldran is alot of fun, but let me show you a few more tricks he has. In the photo below, you can see that it is quite possible to play with Goldran without Dran figure mounted to his chest. I know that this is not in the anime, but its still a cool feature whether it was made this way intentionally or not


In the next photo below we have Goldran with his buddy Sorokage mounted to his back. Sorakage is used aa flight pack giving Goldran the ability to fly. Do not you just love wings on a giant robots? Below that pic we have Goldran's ultimate form, Great Goldran! By the way, do not despair, I will be reviewing Sorokage and the Great Goldran in future reviews


Even with the odd proportions of it's alternate mode, Goldran is a wonderful, quality made toy and should be part of your collection if you love giant transforming robots. And really, who does not?

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