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"The blessing of the mold play comment" Through time and space machine insects second bomb --- shrapnel!
  • "The blessing of the mold play comment" Through time and space machine insects second bomb --- shrapnel!

"The blessing of the mold play comment" Through time and space machine insects second bomb --- shrapnel!


Last time the first bombshell introduced a team of machine insect squad members from the Combined War Line - the bomb. This time we continue last content, bring the official IDW line machine insect squad members second bomb --- shrapnel! Shrapnel is a deer horn beetle carrier form, but the blessing that this cargo is called "Buffaloes" or "Tian Niuer" seems to be more grounded, haha! The overall shape of insect morphology or done more rules. And did not impose official fanatical cranky to it. IDW's commanding kid seems to have a target soldier. Shrapnel is no exception, the target soldier can be placed directly on the back of the shrapnel as artillery. However, the target soldier's shape seems more like a camera, and such a small proportion of bugs, carrying a camera, as a candid camera can be a good idea, right? Insect shrapnel, left and right sides of the four hind legs can flip up and down the roots, the front tentacles can also open and close, the front leg and the robot form the arm together, and not as designed as a separate bomb joints, so The front of the worm is not moving Oh! Turn the worm over to the sky, the part of the chassis apart from the blatant exposure of the arm, the other part of the hidden do is still acceptable. In addition to storage concealment, the chassis looks stolen plastic and hollow is also a glance, but still the sentence, commanding officer Well, can understand ~ Piggyback talk a target warrior, little guy size is small, but under the details, details Quite rich. Arm and moving joints. Look carefully, think he is like? Fukushima felt like one of the three brothers in the camera, especially the color matching and chest shots. What do you think? After a simple target warriors deformation can also be humanoid hand-held weapons. Figure one is the official instructions change. However, Fukuma prefers the method of Figure II. Compared with Figure 1, the method of Figure 2 allows the weapon to look like the insect shape of the shrapnel while also giving the weapon a little electric shock. More in line with personal taste, haha ??human form of the shrapnel it, due to the exposure of pest feet and insect antennae huge, so that the entire human form looks full of attack and evil. However, because this is the version of the factory goods, so the coating of the chest is really flattered. Came to the back, you can see the intricacies of the pest feet, due to the limited proportion of toys, so the pest feet can not do more joints and storage spaces, only so exposed as a backpack. In fact, it looks not ugly, but due to the pressure behind the center of gravity is too large, and after the support of the heel and a little lack of strength, so the stability of the shrapnel a little suspicious. The first part of the toy doll is still very animated taste, but the factory goods really can not afford to cry. Whether the yellow paint on the chest or the legs make the toy seem to work very rough. Not as full of paint as the bombs previously shared. So if you mind if this is the case, it is recommended to buy 3C version will be better. Mobility, head carved 360 rotation. Booms and elbows are spherical joints, so the direction of activity is great. Wrist and finger can not move. Shoulder joint due to deformation needs, but also to the back. Waist is dead. The thighs and knees are also ball pass, so the move is still good, the need for deformation of the feet, the forefoot can be turned down. In addition there is no other grounding. PS: As is the factory goods, so the only blessing of the body's spherical joint tightness are loose, it is recommended to strengthen themselves. The target soldier in human form can hold with one hand, in addition there seems to be no other storage spaces. In the case of joint reinforcement, the gun can not be done with one hand, after reinforcement, you can do one-handed gun no pressure, but still have to consider the weight of the target soldier, or hold the gun at the same time, the toy stand Sex will get bad. Need to adjust the center of gravity Oh! Finally, release a gun map with a good center of gravity to end the soft article. Overall, cost-effective, playability is not bad, suitable for portable play. If you have love for small-size toys, may wish to send a hand off too! Try hard to buy, healthy collection, I am blessing, thanks for reading! Brand: Hasbro Hasbro Type: Transformers Series: IDW Specifications: Enhanced Deluxe Like Praised Lai's die play Comments Transformers Engraved animation IDW machine Insect shrapnel

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