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akiba red
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akiba red

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This review is a joint effort by SentaiSeiya and Jmann.

Kneel before the power of the Great SEIYAMANN.


Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger is Toei's unexpected, (unofficial) second Super Sentai show for the year. The show feels like the 35thanniversary celebration of the Super Sentai series, part two. While the show pays tribute to many Super Sentai shows, it also pokes fun at and deconstructs many of the tropes that have become staples for the long-running shows about spandex-clad teams.

Nobuo Akagi is a Super Sentai super otaku who is socially awkward and spends much of his time living in a fantasy world where he is the hero of the show.


He is a delivery person for the Sasaki PomPoko Delivery service, which he likes to pretend stands for SPD (Special Police Dekaranger).


His constant trips into Super Sentai fantasy land are what make him the perfect leader of the Akibarangers, since their fight to save humanity takes place in the world of delusions in which the Akibarangers' powers are derived from their own delusions of grandeur.

Full < img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/643470-3/Full2.JPG" width = "423" height = "640" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "Full2" />

SS: The Akibaranger designs are some of my favorite designs from the Sentai lineage The armored suits are a nice break from the spandex suits of the official Super Sentai series and all around they look badass One of the things I really like.. about the design for these suits are the clear parts on the chest and abs because they allow you to see the technological tidbits underneath the suit.


SS: I was not originally sold on the hair design for the top of the helmets;. let's call them hair-mets Akiba Reds helmet quickly won me over, however, because his hairdo is a lot like what Battle Japan sports in Battle Fever J

< p> SS: Akiba Red made a good transition into the SH Figuarts line His physique is a bit slimmer than it appears on the show In the show, however, as the boots and the size of the armor made Akiba Red look a little.. bulkier. Just look at the promotional shots of the 12 Perfect Model Akiba Red, and you will see what I mean.


JM: I do not want to rehash what SentaiSeiya said, so I'll give my own perspectives. I've loved the suit designs since I saw production photos of them before the show started. Then I fell in love with the show once it started airing, and I soon preordered all the SH Figuarts of the characters. The paint application and sculpting is excellent on this figure! Sure, it's a little lanky, but that's just something that tends to happen with Figuarts. The cherry red finish on him really makes my eyes explode with happiness.


JM: Akiba Red has amazing articulation, and I did not have a single problem posing him in any way


Sayaka-san , I am all twisted up for you !!

JM:.! Plus, he has AMAZING ankle joints I just CAN NOT gush about these things enough It's a ball and swivel joint very much . like an Ultra Act figure I love it when Bandai figures get these joints

SS:. I have to agree I really like how Bandai seamlessly incorporated a bicep swivel into the figure

Akiba Red comes with a respectable amount of extras.


These are:

Ten handsTwo scarfsHis gun / transformation device: the Moe Moe Z-cune




For those who get a hold of the first release of this figure, Bandai has also included three Tamashii display stands. < / p> Z-extra


One for each of the Akibarangers, complete with custom labeling on the base


JM: This guy is absolutely necessary for any Akibaranger fan! In fact, he's necessary for anyone that enjoys Sentai! A figure this perfect deserves to be on your shelf. I'm serious.


Bandai hit it out of the park with this release. (Like baseball)

SS: It is a really sweet design done justice in Figuarts form The articualtion and hands included in the package make this one very expressive figure I would also have to recommend it to fans of.. the show. And for those who have not seen the show, just power through it since it is a short series, and pick up Akiba Red so you can play out your own Grand Delusions of being a Ranger!

Gun3 < p> SS: Now that we are all done with Akiba Red, stay tuned for another Akibaranger SH Figuarts review Next up, Jmann and I team up to take on Akiba Blue


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