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kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4
  • kosmos ver. 4

kosmos ver. 4

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Let's be perfectly honest, nobody cares about Xenosaga. I've never even played it. I played Xenogears which was kind of cool. I also played Super Robot Taisen Endless Frontier, which is probably a much better game than Xenosaga. A while back I reviewed this thing which was a pretty mediocre action figure. But you know what? None of that matters now because I have received Max Factory's Figma KOS-MOS ver. 4.

Figma is a very strange line of action figures. It features everything from Golgo 13 to dating sim characters and even a gay porn star. It's pretty much proof that anything can get an action figure these days.

< p> IMG_5155

As you can clearly see, KOS-MOS is a serious combat robot. She is a solid action figure with intricate paint applications and a good amount of joints. Unfortunately she lacks any ankle joints so it can be difficult to get her to stand freely.


This is rectified by the included Figma stand which plugs firmly into her back. One thing to note is that her hair has its own joints around the base of the neck so you can swing it out of the way of the stand if need be.


By default, KOS-MOS has a neutral face with red eyes.


You can also swap in a separate forehead piece with the targeting scope lowered


Sometimes KOS -MOS has blue eyes and looks wistfully off to the right.


All of KOS-MOS's optional hands come attached to this handy little holder piece. Unlike some Figmas, she has the right amount of hands so that you can always make use of the holder piece.


KOS-MOS comes with a well detailed hand gun that fits snugly into her gun holding hands .


Also included is a pair of her signature hand vulcans. Attaching these is somewhat tricky as the gun holding hands are made of a fairly firm plastic and do not quite open up enough to allow the handles to slide in. You really have to play around with it to get the guns into her hands. Once they are there, she actually holds them quite well. KOS-MOS's arm joints are very stiff and can support the weight of the hand vulcans.


Each hand vulcan comes with a firing effect part that simply plugs into the barrels of the gun.


For added stability each hand vulcan can be propped up with a clear plastic rod. These actually do not work very well and again KOS-MOS's arms can handle the hand vulcans without extra support.


By removing one of KOS-MOS's lower arm you can then attach the hand sword. It's a fairly detailed weapon with its own working elbow joint.


< p> By far my favorite weapon is the Dragon Tooth. It's a cool sci-fi weapon with nice detailing.


The Dragon Tooth can also be equipped with a massive blue beam blade.


KOS-MOS's final weapon is an optional chest piece that recreates her D-TENERITAS attack.

Overall KOS-MOS is a well executed action figure. She is a little expensive for a Figma, but most of the cost goes into the accessories and detailing.

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