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dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu
  • dragon shiryu

dragon shiryu

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After a suspenseful wait for this figure, it finally arrived into my grubby hands. Being my first Saint Cloth Myth figure, it was a very exciting experience. I had always read other reviews and enjoyed most of the designs, but I never made the jump out of fear of having another line to collect. Well, I jumped at the chance of owning one and I am glad I did, especially since this is such a well executed figure.

For those of you that already own loads of these figures, you pretty much already know what to expect from this line. For those of you that are new to this line or are interested in this line, please join me in my Saint Cloth Myth de-virginizing.

The box comes in a nice square-ish box that opens up book-style. Each half is the same thickness. One side holds the Object and add-ons and the other side holds the figure and accessories. Both are secured in plastic trays.

The included instructions aid in completing the figure correctly. The line diagrams are nicely illustrated with bits of color to . help Making sure the pieces go on the right side of the figure is made easier by matching up the diagrams with the "L" and "R" markings on the corresponding armor pieces

Here is the base figure sans-armor. It is immediately apparent how articulated this figure is. Almost every possible part of his body is articulated. Right down to the toes which are attached to nice diecast feet.

This is his standard face with open eyes. His hair is made up of two well-sculpted pieces of PVC.

The fun part comes in when you start putting the armor on the base figure. The armor pieces are wonderfully finished in emerald-green chrome. Some pieces are diecast and some are plastic, but the color matches well. The only giveaway as to the material would be the slight texture on the diecast pieces.

Once the armor is on, the figure is just splendid. Light loves to bounce off of it in every direction. It's a stunning piece. He is shown here using a purple Kid's Logic Cosmos base * with LED feature. (not included)

The theme continues on the back, where everything still looks clean and well done.

Dragon Shiryu comes with various alternate hands to showcase whatever pose you deem fit for your shelf or display case Here is one of my favorite poses
 arms out

So the story goes like this, Dragon Shiryu went up against Perseus Argor, who is equipped with a Medusa Shield that turns everyone to stone when gazed upon. Well, Dragon Shiryu was not having this, so he stabbed his own eyes to avoid looking at the Medusa Shield. He went on to defeat Argor and when he raised his Cosmo to the limit, he regained his vision ... only to lose it again when Keshura used his chi to blind him. For good this time. If you want to display him blind, this set has you covered.

That brings us to Dragon Shiryu's Object, which is ... drum roll please, a DRAGON! To build his Object , you will need all the various bits of armor and some other included pieces for completion.
 object parts

I have to say, my first time building the Object took me a good 20 minutes , but I loved every minute. Very well done. The finished product is spectacular, like a jewel. I would not mind just displaying this piece alone. The end result has a nice heft due to the use of diecast in the armor. < br />  


I tried to contain myself since this is my first foray into the world of Saint Cloth Myth (and definitely not my last), but I'm sure we all agree that it is a rather nice piece Here he is one last time with the Kid's Logic base

Review sample provided by Blue Fin, you can get yours at BigBadToyStore.com

* The Kid's Logic Cosmos Base comes in different color LEDs and can be combined seamlessly side to side with other bases. Included with the base are stands and clamps to suit various figures. Review sample provided by Angolz.com

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