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vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack
  • vf11c with super pack

vf11c with super pack

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The figure for this review was provided by Hobby Link Japan. Please check it out.

The VF-11 is seen as the true successor to the VF- 1 in the Macross franchise. While possessing a similar profile and characteristic single camera and laser head, the VF-11 manages to capture the spirit of the VF-1 while maintaining its own style. After it burst on the scene in the first episode of Macross Plus, the VF-11 went on to becoming the ubiquitous good guy mecha in Macross 7. While the VF-11C is mostly regulated to background filler, it does get a few moments of glory.

Gamlin, you are always glorious.

Originally announced for release late 2009, the VF-11C is another entry into Yamato Toy's growing catalog of Macross 7 mecha and is also the first toy of this particular VF-11 variant. Before it only existed as a set of small 1 / 144th scale models from Bandai.

Now the basic toy is no different than the VF-11B as reviewed by Prometheum5 and that's a good thing. Yamato's VF-11 is quite possibly the best Macross toy they have released thus far.


Starting off in fighter mode the first thing you may notice is bright white body accentuated by ink black lines. The effect is very similar to the VF-1 Roy Focker color scheme. The figure is very solid in fighter mode with every piece locking firmly together.


Putting the VF-11 next to its ancestor, one can see a natural lineage between the two. As with the VF-1, the VF-11 has moving wings and diecast landing gear with rubber tires. < / p>


The VF-11C comes with an in scale Macross 7 era pilot. I'm just going to go ahead and say this is Gamlin during the few times he piloted a VF-11C.


The entire cockpit functions as a removable escape pod. Simply pull the pod out to display it. The VF-11C's canopy lacks the rainbow coating used on the VF-11B and VF-1. Rumor has it that Yamato has decided to drop this from future Valkyrie toys.


There's just something about the all white body and sharp black detailing that really complements the design.


GERWALK mode looks terrific. The knees and ankles are ratcheted to provide stability. The lower legs can also be pulled out to allow them to bend ninety degrees forward.


A swivel joint in the knee helps to get the figure into a proper A-stance.


Another nice feature is the inclusion of movable shutters than fill in the gaps for GERWALK mode. These simply slide out of the upper wing area and slot into the chest plate for added rigidity.


The figure comes with two stand adapters. One is used for fighter mode and GERWALK mode. The adapter fits any Yamato Macross stand or Mighty Block stand. I have found that out of all the Valkyries, the Mighty Block works really well with the VF-11. The figure also comes with a pair of boosters and leg packs. The leg packs attach via a magnet, which is one of my favorite features. Just slap them on and they are completely secure. The boosters latch on with a pair of clips that go in with a satisfying snap.


Here we can see the new gun pod. This trimmed down model matches the original design quite well.


You can remove the top cover to reveal the inner Gattling gun. The cover is also said to be the gun pod's magazine so you can have the toy posed to reload.


Moving on to Battroid mode, we get to see the toy's nifty canopy shield. It is completely internal and quite ingenious. Using the small sliding tab under the nose, you depress the cockpit pod and let the front portion of the shield slide out. I recommend tapping the nosecone to expose the front shield and then holding it in place by pulling the sliding tab as forward . as possible While still holding the tab, pull the canopy shield up until it snaps in place The rear portion of the shield simply folds out with a double-hinged joint


Battroid mode definitely looks the part The design itself is very clean, utilitarian, and compact and the toy captures all of that almost perfectly


The head It is done right with crisp paint apps and a clear plastic window over a detailed camera.


The collar area features additional flaps to fill in the upper body. There are also sliding blocks that lock the shoulders in place so you will not accidentally use the transformation joint.


The shoulder locks are engaged via a sliding tab under the chest plate.


Thanks to the compactness of the design, the VF-11C can achieve a fairly good kneeling pose.


The toy also comes with a stand adapter for Battroid mode. Simply snap the adapter around a pair of raised bumps in the hip area and you're good to go. Again, the Mighty Block and VF-11C work well together .


The VF-11C is simply a fun toy to pose. All the joints are tight and smooth.







I find both VF-11 toys complement each other very well. There's enough appreciable differences between them that having both does not feel redundant. Plus the 1/60 VF-11 is so well done you do not need much of an excuse to get another.


And here it is with its ancestor, the Bandai 1 / 144th scale kit.


Yamato's VF-11C is a clean, simple design that works well in every form. Between my review and Prometheum5's all I want you to know that if you can only get one Valkyrie toy from Yamato, get this one. Both the VF-11B and VF-11C are top class toys of a solid design.

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