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For every yin there is a yang and for every Gundam there is a Zaku. In Megazone 23, for every Garland there is the Hagan. Sometimes romanized as "Hargun," the Hagan ( ????) is the first enemy mecha mobilized against the Garland during the first OVA. It is meant to be a predecessor to the Garland and does not feature perfect transformation. Instead, the Hagan's arms and legs must be attached via a special transport truck.

In 2008, Organic Hobby released a small line of figures under the "Maneuver Slave Collection" banner. While this is never outright stated in any of the OVAs, "Maneuver Slave" is the name of a mecha's humanoid form in Megazone 23. These figures were small and robust. Made from solid PVC with ABS joints, they were a little overpriced at 2000 yen a pop but had the inherent appeal of bringing many obscure designs to life in toy form for the first time.


The Hagan is a little under five inches tall. Its PVC body has some decent heft to it and no part feels rubbery or appears misshapen. All the colors are vibrant, which gives the figure an animated appearance. The arm shield is permanently attached.


Front to back, the Hagan has all the right details.


Despite the softness of the sculpt, the Hagan figure still manages to include some crisper details like the shoulder vents and panels. These are highlighted by some light inking.


The Hagan comes with one accessory and is its gun. Unfortunately this is where the softness of the sculpt works against the figure. Really, the gun looks more like it shoots cake frosting than lasers orbs.


Despite its appearance, the Hagan is quite a poseable little figure. It has all the major joints in its waist, hips, knees, ankles, elbows , and wrists. The only major omission is the lack of a neck joint. Also, the elbow can be difficult to rotate because the extra overhang from the shoulder itself can block the joint.


Kneeling is no problem for the Hagan.

For a collector looking for something, anything with regards to the Hagan that's not an expensive Garage Kit I think this might be right up your alley. Many retailers have started to blow these out at less than their MSRP. Keep an eye out and you'll find a playable toy of an obscure robot.

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