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mazinger z

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Jumbo Machinder fans are a particular lot What they collect and why they collect them tend to be very constrained Whenever a new Jumbo is announced, there are usually four questions -.. 1. Is it 60cm tall? 2. Is it made out of polyethelyene? 3. Does it shoot fists? and 4. Are there wheels on the feet? This is the measure of a vintage Jumbo Machinder.

But, times change, and so does the definition of a Jumbo. Bandai's been using the term "jumbo" loosely, with items like the Jumbo Grade Gundam. But this is the first modern toy from Bandai to be labeled "Jumbo Machinder".


S0 how does this modern day jumbo measure up to it's vintage contemporaries

The Box

The box is huuuuuuuge. Maybe the biggest single box that has ever arrived at my house. Angolz did a super job packaging it, as it arrived in perfect condition.


The box is a thick cardboard box with glossy printing all over. A window is cut in the front and top to view the toy. The box art is unremarkable.




Inside the box is a large plastic tray, with a small cardboard tray with accessories.


Needless to say, this thing is big. So big infact, that it needed to be shot outside.


Mazinger Z

It's big Really big It's heavy It's maybe an inch taller than a classic Jumbo Machinder So it succeeds on point one.... - It's at least 60cm tall.



The head is hard ABS plastic - details are sharp The head has two different points. of articulation - at the shoulder and the base of the head The head can tilt way back (I wonder if its in anticipation of a future accessory?)


. The Hover Pilder is small and locks into the head To release the Pilder, you need to push down on the tail of it, and then lift it out


The pilder is hard abs plastic, and the wings go down The cockpit is clear and inside it's very detailed, but there is a noticable omission -.. no Koji Kabuto in the cockpit


The chest is ABS, and hollow, but still feels solid. The walls must be pretty thick. No Polyethelene anywhere in this figure, so for point 2 its a failure.

The shoulders have a kick ass amount of articulation, similar to the Soul of Chogokin release The joint makes a loud click each time you move it, either up and down, or side to side


The elbows are also very clicky, and can bend and rotate. The hands are on ball joints as well.



< p> P3065723 

What would a Jumbo be without rocket punch fists? For point 3, the toy succeeds. The lower arms are swappable with rocket punch fists. An additional set of arms and launching fists are included . These arms can be swapped out with the existing arms via a magnetic connection point.



However, the magnet is not as strong as it should be. Sure, it will stay on, but if you are moving the arms around you can knock them loose pretty easily.

Down to the waist its a swivel joint, and then below its thick, heavy vinyl. There is no articulation from the waist down.


The finish feels decidedly old-school on the legs. Maybe it's the paint? Either way, it feels solid.


My sample had scuffing on the side of one of the legs


The feet are hard ABS plastic, with molded detail underneath.


This is the closest thing you are gonna see on CDX to pimp my ride.

< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/522927-4/P3065730.jpg" width = "480" height = "640" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "P3065730" />

how about "Pimp my Cat"?



Yeah, so the toy is epic. No wheels on the feet either, so it fails on . 2 of the four elements of a Jumbo But it is cool regardless of what it is Better not look at the price though .. ouch


It is fun to play with, and looks massive in your collection. Get yours from Angolz.com.


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