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regult tactical battlepod
  • regult tactical battlepod
  • regult tactical battlepod
  • regult tactical battlepod
  • regult tactical battlepod
  • regult tactical battlepod
  • regult tactical battlepod
  • regult tactical battlepod

regult tactical battlepod

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1:. 100 Zentraedi Regult Tactical Battlepod Robot Vinyl Collection

When Toynami announced that they were going to release their long awaited vinyl Regult Tactical Battlepod in a limited edition soft vinyl for $ 25.00 ($ 35.00 with shipping) I quickly jumped at the offer. I had never put a pre-order on anything before but because it was limited to only 2000 pieces worldwide, I realized that I needed to guarantee that I would get one for the collection.

This evening I received my package through the mail from Robotech.com and I am quite impressed with what I received. < br />  

The Regult comes with:.. 1X Regult There is no options

The package is excellent, just a clear case with aa cardboard cutout for . the information The Regult sits in a nice plastic tray with three zip ties holding the figure in Most importantly it can easily be put away back in the box

The vinyl is nice solid vinyl and the paint apps are excellent. It is molded in an off white / light gray color. Articulation consists of pivoting knees, leg rotation, moveable main cannons, pivoting jet nozzles, and pivoting capsule. One issue I was concerned with was if the leg joints went loose it would fall over but they decided to do away with the knee joint, which does not take away from the pose ability of the piece.

Compared to the old Arii 1 : 100 scale Regult model kit, Toynami's Regult is much bigger at 8 inches from the top of the cannon Although I do not ever recall ever seeing a Valkyrie pilot a Regult in Macross, those of you who are burning to want to put your. Valkyrie in the pilot seat of the Regult it could still be a bit bigger.

This toy is AWESOME !!! One of the best purchases I have made in a long time and an absolute must pick up for the Macross fan. Pick it up before it's too late or have no regrets! Looking forward to seeing what else is released in Toynami's Robot Vinyl Collection.

2010 article and pictures by Leonardo Flores and Collection DX.

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