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goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9
  • goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9

goonger combination engine gattai engineoh g9

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In one of the eleven dimensions, Machine World is a planet populated by Engines- giant sentient living machines with individual personalities and capabilities. They succeed in driving the destructive Ban KiZoku Gaiarc clan off their world during one of their largest planet-wide races. Unfortunately, the Gaiarc decide to move on into the dimension where Earth is since it seems to be an easier target for them to conquer in order to turn it into the ideal world of unchecked pollution and waste which they favor. Several Engines cross the dimensional barrier to pursue them, but they will begin to suffer fatal rusting if they exist in the atmosphere of the Human World for more than ten minutes at a time! To protect against this, they separate themselves into two halves- inanimate Engine Casts which are smaller versions of their physical bodies, and Engine Souls which contain their life energy and personality. Therefore, they and their smaller rust -resistant assistant Bomper chose five young humans to fight the Gaiarc in their place, and restore them to their larger forms whenever they are needed. Together they form the Flame-god Taskforce Go-On Rangers!

Sets required for this combination:

DX Engine Gattai Engine-Oh

Engine Gattai Series # 4- Engine Birca

Engine Gattai Series # 5- Engine Gunpherd

Engine Gattai Series # 6- Engine Carrigator

Engine Gattai Series # 7- Engine Toripter

Engine Gattai Series # 8- Engine Jettoras

Engine Gattai Series # 9- Engine Jumbwhale

 Engine-Oh G9 (components needed)

Shortly after his arrival, Jumbwhale starts having quiet discussions with Bomper regarding the future of the Engines' presence on Human World; even Hiroto (Go-On Gold) and Miu (Go-On Silver) who possess Jumbwhale's Engine Soul and Cast are unawares of why the little white 0026 amp;. pink robot is in their mansion These frequent secret meetings pay-off in Grand Prix ??22 - "Final Request" ... Though the two Go-On Wings do not understand at first why Jumbwhale is encouraging the thick-headed and childish Go-Onger, he tells them that it is their determination at whatever they do that makes them strong, even if- unlike the Go-On Wings- they do not think it through first, and that can be a power unto itself when used correctly. Though initially cheering for Hiramekimedes, the Go-Onger are suddenly enraged when they learn that he betrayed their trust, and they engage the grown Bouseki Banki with Engine Gattai Engine-Oh and Engine Gattai Gunbir-Oh. Though fueled by the betrayal and waste of their earlier efforts to grant the "dying" Hiramekimedes' last request, Jumbwhale decides that now is the time for the Go-On Wings to formally join with the Go-Onger as a single team since they finally understand the deviousness of the Ban KiZoku Gaiarc. Therefore, he recommends that the three Engine gattai put to good use the new modifications that were secretly carried out by Bomper and him earlier to all nine Engine Casts ...

G9 Formation! Engine Gattai !

 Engine Gattai Series 4- Engine Toripter (head-on view) Engine Gattai Series 9- Engine Jumbwhale (head-on view)  Engine 
Gattai Series 5- Engine Jettoras (head-on view)

 DX Engine Gattai Engine-Oh ( 
Buson head-on view)

 DX Engine Gattai Engine 
-Oh (Speedor head-on view)

DX Engine Gattai Engine-Oh (Bear RV head-on view)

Engine Gattai Gunbir-Oh (Gunpherd head-on view)  Engine Gattai Gunbir-Oh (Carrigator head-on view) 
 Engine Gattai Gunbir-Oh (Birca head-on view)

Hiramekimedes is stunned that the Go-Onger can make a new and even-larger gattai, which was not part of his carefully-laid plans to restore honor to himself and the Gaiarc. Indeed, as Engine -Oh G9 blasts high into the air, Speedor comments that the Wing Clan's contribution of power is amazing. The Go-Onger and Go-On Wings change their control columns into Handle Blasters and insert their Blaster Souls into both them and the Wing Boosters. As Hiramekimedes retreats in shame and humiliation at the last moment, Engine-Oh G9 uses the combined power of all nine Engines to destroy Bouseki Banki with the G9 Grand Prix .

" Engine-Oh G9: Tune up "

 Engine Gattai Engine-Oh G9 (front, full-body 

Engine-Oh G9 (back) is the next super-combo seen in the series after the Engine Gattai Engine-Oh G6 , comprised now of nine Engine components . As with Engine-Oh G6, this newer and larger super-combo appears not even at the half-way point of the series, but has the distinction of being only the second nine-part combo in Super Sentai (the first being the < b> Chou Gougou Gattai Super DaiBouken from 2006's " Gougou Sentai Boukenger "). However, unlike the Super DaiBouken, the Engine-Oh G9's weakness is that it appears as nothing more than a bunch of Engines casually stacked on top of one other with no real sense of combining beyond physically touching each other

While Buson, Birca, Gunpherd, 0026 amp;. Carrigator remain completely unchanged between this and the earlier Engine-Oh G6 , Bear RV disposes of the V shield attached to the back to make way for Jumbwhale to snap in place. (The V Shield, however, is now delegated to- heh- 'rear guard' for the new combo- a useless and obstructive plastic . lump hanging off Engine-Oh G9's backpack to swing freely in the breeze) With Jettoras now contributing his wings to form Engine-Oh G9's head, Toripter swaps his tail to become stylized airman's goggles 0026 amp;! additional armor for Speedor on the chest Additionally , Toripter's rotors slide together to form two blades rather than their standard four. Engine-Oh G6 / Gunbir-Oh's head / helmet piece attaches to the back of Jumbwhale's undercarriage, which effectively buries it in the super combo while at the same time preventing extra unused pieces from lying around after Engine-Oh G9 is formed. The boxy engines from Jumbwhale separate from beneath his wings and become additional heel supports along the back of Carrigator's two halves, thus helping to off-set the new four-winged backpack. ( Unlike Engine-Oh G6, this combo rests better on carpet despite the additional weight on its back. ) Adding these heel supports, unfortunately, prevents most of the wheels on the bottom of the feet from rolling like they used to. On the new winged backpack, however, Jumbwhale's head is once more turned around so that his eyes are covered (just the same as with his separate Jet Mode), but the light from his Engine Soul is no longer covered-up and can now be easily seen beneath the left upper wing. Remember those holes along the inside of Engine-Oh's black upper arms that I could not figure out what their use was for? Well, the answer is here ... Beneath both Jettoras and Toripter are black pegs which fold down. Then, with Engine-Oh's arms now folding outwards, the pegs are inserted into the holes, thus perching Jettoras and Toripter atop the left and right arms respectively.

With the addition of the three Wing Clan Engines along the top of the shoulders and back, posing becomes even more limited than before- what little there was to begin with! While the shoulders can still twist up and down, and Birca / Gunpherd can twist at their connection joints as usual, Toripter and Jettoras are just tall enough that they bump into Jumbwhale's light-gray wings on the backpack. This means, now, that the arms are restricted to only 45-degrees upward motion before being forced to remain there! The only remedy to this is to carefully move the wings and Toripter 0026 amp;. Jettoras around (separate things if you wish) until the arms can be pointed 90-degrees upwards (Ironically, with further fiddling, the arms can continue all the way around to 180 -degrees from where they started, but will not go any further. Fortunately, Toripter's rotor can be removed, but the fact that you have to fight the arms like this to begin with ....) With patience, the pose for the < i> G9 Grand Prix finisher can be achieved to somewhat success. Needless to say, this sucks!

Okay, these Engine combos have just reached the point of ridiculousness. We knew that Toripter and Jettoras were blocks of plastic, so any larger combo might not fare well with them. That is proven here. While adding the goggles to Speedor was an odd choice ( they do not really look like goggles anyways, even though they cover just his eyes and the top of his head ), it was by simply plunking the two Engines on top of the shoulders that pissed me off. And though they took great paints to hide Engine-Oh G6's helmet in the backpack ( why not? ), they left Toripter's still-free-turning rotor awkwardly on top of him, and then just let the V Shield hang of the back of the combo literally as if they did not care! Adding the engine pods to the back of the heels as supports is nice even though it just clutters things up down there a bit more. However, having four wings on the backpack ( well ... two wings and two sets of rocket engines ) instead in a most-decidedly "X" -formation was a cool idea rather than just having one large pair of wings by merely recreating Jumbwhale's Jet Mode on the back, so props there. ( Again, having both halves of Jumbwhale's tail turning instead of just the flukes would have helped a lot here too. ) As a word of caution, though, I would strongly advise against picking up the toy from just the backpack and wings- those three small connection points between Jumbwhale, Speedor, 0026 amp; Bear RV are not that capable, and will snap it off quickly This, of course, is another reason why I do not like the V Shield down there. - you can not reach under properly to grab at it back there without bumping into it ( Huh- for that matter, it's kinda hard to decide where to actually pick it up Maybe grab one of the legs, or just.! above the hips ... ) Make no mistake, though- this is a heavy toy, nearly 12lbs! ( Pick-up a gallon-and-a-half of milk, and you'll get a rough idea how much this thing weighs. )

 Engine Gattai Engine-Oh G9 posed (1)

I think I see a trend going here for the DX toys from " Engine Sentai Go-Onger ": the individual Engines are hit-and-miss depending on your personal taste; the Engine gattai are good-and- bad mixed up cleverly;. and then the super combos are not that awesome beyond the ridiculous simplicity of stacking components to make them, their weight, and their unbelievable dimensions ... At least all the Engine Souls can be activated on the Engine Gattai Engine -Oh G9 even if they can not all be removed in this state. ( That's good, right? * shrugs *)

.. .

One thing is nagging at me, though, when I look at this: there are still some holes and pegs that have not been used on these DX-sized Engines yet, and we 're only at episode 22 out of a planned 50 ...

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