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great might gaine perfect mode
  • great might gaine perfect mode
  • great might gaine perfect mode
  • great might gaine perfect mode
  • great might gaine perfect mode
  • great might gaine perfect mode
  • great might gaine perfect mode
  • great might gaine perfect mode

great might gaine perfect mode

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From Wikipedia

The Brave Express Might Gaine aired during the 1993-1994 Japanese television season and is part of the Yuusha (Brave) series of anime shows produced by Sunrise. The Brave Express Might Gaine takes these newly-crafted themes to their logical conclusion. Here the robots are no longer "spirits," but have personalities granted by advanced Artificial Intelligence. These robots were designed and built from the ground up by the late father of the main character:. billionaire crime-fighting teenager and railroad magnate Senpuuji Maito He acts as a Bruce Wayne character of sorts, taking command of the Brave Express robots in the field and fighting crime himself on the front lines A. unique further step is taken by separating the antagonists into multiple criminal factions, some at odds with each other; Might Gaine especially stands out from much of the Brave Series by taking a darker approach with the actions of some of these criminal overlords, as they cause severe harm to others in the midst of following their own ambitions

Today I will be reviewing the ultimate version of Might Gaine, Great Might Gaine Perfect Mode!

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Great Might Gaine Perfect mode is achieved through the combination of the 3 figures shown below The figures are:.. Might Gaine, Might Kaiser and Might Gunner I will be covering these figures individually in future reviews from this series.


Before I get into Perfect Mode, I wanted to show you Might Gaine with Might Gunner pre-combined. Note that the Might Gunner I am utilizing in my review is a Takara re-release from a few years back. The Takara piece works and looks beautiful with the Sonokong version of Great Might Gaine


The first striking feature, well atleast for me it is how the chest piece of Might Kaiser becomes the head crest for Great Might Gaine. In my opinion, it looks odd and kinda overwhelms Might Gaine's tiny head.


< p> Great Might Gaine is an impressive figure, standing at almost 13 "from head to toe and weighing in at a whopping 3 lbs of heavy plastic goodness! Articulation is limited to the shoulders and elbows. The articulation does allow Great Might Gaine use of his single or dual swords.


Finally we have Great Might Gaine in Perfect Mode. Perfect Mode increases this huge figures height by 4", making this figure stand a height of nearly 17 "! The weight is now up to almost 4 lbs! You gotta admit, its a pretty impressive figure.


I have to say that I do like this figure overall, even if I do find some of the proportions to be a little odd. The figure has some serious shelf presence and a ton of play value. My advice is to track down all three figures mentioned above to create your own! Happy hunting!

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