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dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron
  • dark energon megatron

dark energon megatron

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Get your Dark Energon fix at www.bigbadtoystore.com

I have been a little hesitant about getting into another line of Transformers . It means less money that can go into other stuff I really like. I resisted the Transformers Prime line a good bit by only buying characters I REALLY liked. I thought I was doing well until I realized that I have almost every character released in this line ...

Just when I thought I was safe, the Dark Energon line was released. I resisted again because they are just repaints. Then I realized they are not only repaints, but they are full of translucent ! plastic goodness I jumped at the chance to review the Dark Energon Voyager set This set is an exclusive from Big Bad Toy Store If bought as the Optimum Prime / Megatron set, you receive a DVD with Season 2 Episode 6:.. Loose Cannons. You can also buy them separately.

Today I will focus on half of the set. I will be showing you the Dark Energon Voyager Megatron. He comes in the standard Prime Voyager box with Dark Energon markings.

The tray is decorated with Dark Energon effects all around.

I will start off in vehicle mode. This Cybertronian Jet mode requires attachment of his weapons to the top. They peg into an existing mount. The weapon is bulky and hard to activate the Dark Energon LED effect. The weapon looks relatively normal, however, compared to other figures in the line.
IMG_0254_1 IMG_0255_1

It has a pretty cool insect-like vibe to its design.
 IMG_0259_1  IMG_0257_1

Here he is compared to his most favorite of enemies, the Dark Energon Optimus Prime.

Here he is with one of his loyal soldiers, the First Edition Vehicon.

Transformation is pretty straight-forward. You can check it out in the video portion of the review.

Robot mode is identical to the standard Voyager Megatron, but much more colorful. The added purple and pinks can either be seen as more evil, or for lack of a better word, more fabulous.

As nice as it is, it's pretty hard to be an evil tough guy wearing purple and pink clothes. He looks much more dark and sinister on the show .

Regardless of the colors, he retains his great articulation. Some people may disagree as there are some areas that could be improved on, but he can kneel.
IMG_0291_1 < / p>

The Dark Energon figures feature a new faction logo design.

Megatron comes with an Energon weapon with an LED gimmick. Like all the other Voyager figures, it's clumsy and hard to activate. There is not even a way to lock it in activated mode which makes it all the more useless. The good thing is that it retains a lower profile than the other LED weapons available. It actually improves on his look a bit since he looks more like Megatron with a cannon on his forearm.

There is also a weapon called the Battle Claw which attaches to this weapon as seen in the picture. Unfortunately, didn ' t occur to me to photograph him with Battle Claw weapon attached on its own to his hand The Battle Claw is the black part shown on top of his weapon

Megatron is about to use his weapon against Optimus Prime ...

Unfortunately for Megatron, Optimus Prime takes advantage of his hesitation and goes for the attack

Optimus Prime did not come alone. Will this spell doom for Megatron?

Get your Dark Energon fix at www.bigbadtoystore.com

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