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Here we have another entry from the Quick Change Insect Robot line. This time a locust! (Or cricket ... maybe a grasshopper?) Out of all the insect robots I have, old Locust here is my favorite. Unfortunately it's by design wise only. Read on and you will see why ...

 Locust Bot_7

 Locust Bot_8

In beast mode Locust is green with grey legs, yellow antenna with a silver base, turquoise wings, and bulging red eyes.

 Locust Bot_6

There were some cheap stickers on his wings but all of them fell off except one. He has a whopping 20 points of articulation in this mode. All the legs have three points each and both the wings flop up and down. One thing I noticed is that his transformation, design, and alternate mode are very similar to the Insecticon Kickback from the Transformers line. Here's what he's really based on which appears to be a very simplified version of this.

Locust Bot

Locust Bot_3

 Locust Bot_4

In robot mode even though I absolutely love the design, he's very loose and his beast mode legs as well as his robot mode arms have a bad habit of falling off. Everything is loose including the wings. Most of the stickers have fallen off so no need to worry about those. There are no new colors except more red and yellow with the help of some gaudy, cheap looking stickers and there's also two more stickers on his back with small bits of purple and dark blue on them.

 Locust Bot_5

 Locust Bot_2 < / p>

The head puzzles me a little bit but not because the insect head doubles as part of the robot head. That's been done several times before. There's a painted visor on top of what looks like an Easter Island head. Seriously , it really does look like an Easter Island head. On what I'm assuming is the neck rests a large nose and an oversized brow right above it. Setting right on top of that is the visor that I mentioned.

< p> Locust Bot_9

Trying not to be biased since I love the design so much, but I can only recommend him if you're going to keep him in either one mode or the other and not handle him too much because of all the loose, floppy joints. Gotta admit, he does look great on the shelf though.

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