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lancelot albion
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  • lancelot albion
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lancelot albion

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The Gundam Fix line has come a long way since 2001. Recently, the line has taken a major shift with the larger higher quality metal composite line, and now the Composite Ver.Ka line featuring non-Gundam mecha. This review is for the first toy in the line, Lancelot Albion from Code Geass R2.


The figure comes in a large window box. The window actually has printing on it, similar to the older Fix Figuration releases. Inside the box, there are two plastic trays which hold the toy and its accessories. Included with the figure are two swords, called MVS (master vibration swords) in the series. Also included are two Super VARIS rifles, six extra hands, two slash harkens, and two large clear green wing parts called energy wings. You also get the traditional FIX base with information crisply printed on it.

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The figure stands approximately 5.5 inches tall. It is made entirely of hard plastic, a big contrast to the earlier Fix figures. The detail is sharp, and paint is excellent. There is a large amount of tampo printed detail in white and gold all over the figure. It is very sharp and although it is not "anime accurate", I think it fits this figure well.


The figure is very well articulated and all the joints are very tight. The land spinners are attached on ball joints to the feet. Their posability is pretty good, and the wheels actually spin.

< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/545989-1/IMG_4424.JPG" width = "636" height = "474" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "IMG_4424" />

The figure comes with two transformable VARIS rifles. You have to move the barrel parts to a different set of attachment points and slide a few parts out to transform them.


The two MVS swords are stored in sheathes on the backpack and simply slide in and out The blades are painted in a very nice metallic red


The two slash harkens can be attached to the arms or hips. They have a bendable wire so you can pose them as you please.

The energy wings are softer translucent plastic with green shaded detail. You have to remove the folded wings from the backpack and split them into 3 pieces. These pieces then attach to the wings, which attach to the body. There is some pose-ability, but you are limited to how you can position the joint because the weight of the wings will make them sag over time.


The final feature is the opening cockpit. It is actually very hard to open and close, and the seat does not pull out nearly as far as it should. You can hardly see inside, but there are 3 small monitors that are painted in green.


My only real complaint about this figure has to do with the hands. The hands actually hold a large portion of the arm armor on, it is difficult to insert the hands while holding the arm armor in place. The hands are also very tight in the sockets and I can already see stress marks on the ball sockets from inserting and removing them.


Overall, this is a great looking and excellently constructed figure, and a good start for the new Composite Ver.Ka line. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Gurren Lagann and Temjin figures.

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