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snapping turtle (ypsilon)
  • snapping turtle (ypsilon)
  • snapping turtle (ypsilon)
  • snapping turtle (ypsilon)
  • snapping turtle (ypsilon)
  • snapping turtle (ypsilon)
  • snapping turtle (ypsilon)
  • snapping turtle (ypsilon)

snapping turtle (ypsilon)

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Even in the harsh jungles of Kumen, Votoms still has room for fanciful ideas such as an ace pilot with a custom paint scheme. The mysterious Ypsilon tears up the jungle in his custom ATH- 14-WPC Snapping Turtle, which is distinguished from the regular grunts by its striking deep blue and white color scheme.

This Snapping Turtle is part of the same series of toys at the Diving Beetle I also reviewed. Toys from this line are made from a combination of ABS plastic and diecast metal.


Just like the Diving Beetle, the Snapping Turtle comes in a terrific looking box adorned with a illustration of the Snapping Turtle by artist Shin Ueda.


The back functions as a combination sticker and painting guide.


One side features a short bio on the mysterious (and pretty) Ypsilon and the crazy english Votoms logo.


The other side shows off two very different explanations of the "VOTOMS" acronym.


The toy itself is made primarily of blue plastic with a little diecast in the chest. It has far less diecast than the Diving Beetle.


The toy comes with a few stickers which help liven up the bare blue surface of the toy.

snturtle7.JPG < / p>

Unlike the Diving Beetle, the Snapping Turtle dares to have some useful articulation. A pair of knee joints let this old toy achieve a fairly convincing walking pose.


The recent smattering of 1:60 scale toys has made me into a bit of a scale nut. Together with the 1:60 Exia and a figure from the Destroid Defender I can make my Snapping Turtle stand tall at the feet of giants.

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