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I'm still amazed at the strange corners explored by the transforming robot craze of the 80's. Almost every conceivable object was subjected to the robo-treatment. We're all familiar with Takara's Micro-change line of everyday object transformers (Soundwave, Megatron, Microx), but Bandai also released object-based transformers. Case in point, Metal Joes, a series of transforming padlocks. A little weird, but somehow intuitively right. The Joes are clearly near cousins ??to Machine Robo. PLEX is written all over them. Why were not they released as MR?

I think it's fair to say that CDX is unabashedly appreciative of obscure toy outfit Four Star, purveyor of some of the kookiest off-brand robots of the 80's. While Four Star's stock in trade was mutating other manufacturer's molds into new, sublime forms, also straight-up bootlegged. Lock-Man is a boot of one of the Bandai Metal Joes ..

The card is decidedly low rent, similar to other Not-Machine-Robo releases by Four Star and their ilk

 lock man 11

< p> lock man 12

The fundamental quality of this toy is heft. Oh man is this a satisfying hunk of metal. The chain, oh lord, the chain. Only this model among the Metal Joes utilizes a chain, and it's an inspired touch. A goofy metal affectation.

 lock man 8

Lock-Man's quality is noticeably diminished from a typical Bandai product, but not distractingly so. The molding is a little rough, the paint apps kinda suck (see the head below).

 lock man 7

Transformation is engaging, moreso than your typical Machine Robo offering. A really fun piece. The best feature by far is that you have to enter a code to even transform the thing. Turning the wheels to 5 and 8 allow you to remove the "key" out of the middle , which opens up the components to transform. What an astonishing, awesome mechanism!

 lock man 9

 lock man 5

The bot is pretty solid. The trailing chain gives him a real flair. Blingy, even. My only complaint is the weird paint application at the head, which eschews an all-over color shown on the card, with an eyes-and- mouth design, although this may just be an accidental paint error.

 lock man 4

 lock man 3

man 2

A quibble, though. Altogether a solid and pretty bot. Articulation is weak, but par.

The" key "we removed? It can be used as a sword, ingeniously notching into Lock-Man's fists.

 lock man 1

 lock man 6

A beautiful, obscure piece.

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