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IDW to strengthen the level of war
  • IDW to strengthen the level of war
  • IDW to strengthen the level of war
  • IDW to strengthen the level of war
  • IDW to strengthen the level of war

IDW to strengthen the level of war


Name: Creature War Streets Name: Streets Version: Genuine Price: Unknown Prototype: Unknown Toy Number: Unknown Material Type: Plastic Proportion: Unknown Specification: Unknown Time: Unknown Toy Category: Armor Finished Level or Category: (254.49 KB) I have to modify this year is the 30th anniversary of the birth of the fit of King Kong, the official in the classic G series product line (the series of products), the official series of products, We have come to see the COMBINER WARS series, and now let's take a look at the members of the PROTETOBOT in the fit war series - STREETWISE (street / street) from the second wave A wave of characters attached to the card, changed to IDW produced by the Transformers comics STREETWISE comic content is included "Transformers: extraordinary" 33rd set of three-dimensional view, STREETWISE is the second wave of members DEAD END modest change, although it is a small change but the whole body is almost the same parts, only There is a part of the common, chest parts are colored, not black parts, behind the front slightly awkward, but can be a good stand firm, it will not hinder the move because of the relationship between the ball joints, head Can be a small increase, but can not go down a little pity left and right no problem, the same can not be down the shoulder ball joints, and then there is a left and right side of the joint, arm inside a great hole, But also no details of the movement of the arm as shown in the figure, the fist can not turn the fist part is not the gear joints, but looks like a long time may cause serious wear and tear thigh part is the ball joints, can be free to turn, the knee can Down about 90 degrees, the other is a pity that STREETWISE no foot plate knee maximum move as shown, calf internal cavity Next look at the vehicle type, STREETWISE carrier type is a police car, the hood with blue Color painted, Bo school logo with the "POLICE" words with the head lights with The window is colored rather than transparent pieces, the other STREETWISE the overall color with other people is not pure white, but rather partial white white overall rolling good, will not rub to the floor, the side of the body with blue paint, but also There is the same with the hood "POLICE" words, the wheel shell is not color, the other is connected to the wheel of all plastic buckle, not before the metal rivets around the vast expanse of the car, the rear lights and so no color = See the hands and feet there are fit joints, the breast is to block the head to improve the occult roof with the body of the hole can be plugged with the weapons, STREETWISE weapons is a three-tube machine gun can also be inserted by the fit Hand and foot accessories into the weapons, STREETWISE accessories with DEAD END is the same mold, but the color from the purple into a black attached to the fit parts, in the human form or vehicle type can be transformed into weapons, fit time to form a palm or Is the foot into a fist when the look, four fingers are linked together There is only one joint, the mobility of the thumb is better, you can freely choose to change into a left fist or right fist to form a foot, this way the idea is very good but lead to fit when the fist is too large, feet too small problem heel Can be up and down about the left and right, the joints with the fist, like a long time will cause wear fit type, the official default STREETWISE for the combination of King Kong's left foot, you can also choose to combine in the right foot COMBINER WARS main can be arbitrarily combined, it can also be formed The combination of King Kong's arm, the same can be free to choose the left hand or right hand to thank 78 cartoon users 02315 in the exposing Huang Bang activities to provide information similar to the page TAKARA Transformers Box Micro Warrior Street TAKARA Transformers Boxer Mini Warrior Magic Street Transformers G Series Toy Enhancement Blade Edge Transformers G Series Toys Reinforced Revised Rascal Transformers RTS Series Toys Enhancement Jazz Transformers G Series Toys Enhanced Robbery Players If you have posted around this page and posted in the 78 Forum, you can click on the right side Button submission I'm going to contribute

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