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NEO Shifters are a new toy line from MEGA Bloks and are obviously designed to be competitors to LEGO 0026 rsquo;. S Bionicle toys

NEO Shifters are creatures with the power to transform from sphere to robot as they battle for survival. Their masks protect the light-up Hydrax energy core, which projects a laser blast. Controlled by the NEOzome figure that lives inside them, NEO Shifters compete for resources needed to produce the Hydrax energy that fuels their powers and abilities. But too much Hydrax changes them from a peaceful Paladin to a destructive Templar. Join the resistance and discover the codes that control NEO Shifters.

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Like all previous Neo Shifter's before, Duneskiff comes unassembled in a fantastic package. MEGA BLOKS really know how to design dynamic packaging. The box has futuristic shiny copper foil outside with great illustrations of the toy The box also features opposed rounded plastic edged corners Both of these features make it a real eye catcher on a toy shelf


Upon opening the box you will find a set of detailed instructions as well as all 26 pieces neatly sealed plastic baggies.

I want to start by saying that I really enjoyed assembling this vehicle. It was together within ten minutes and ready for play. The vehicle comes with a tiny pilot that can be seated inside the nicely detailed cockpit. The cockpit seat provides a nice platform for the pilot as well as storage for both of the pilots guns. < / p>



After admiring the Duneskiff for a moment. I started running the toy through its motions, transforming it to the pictures on the direction and the box. After doing this I realized that this toy had a whole lot more play value than depicted in the pictures. Within minutes I had it transformed into a spaceship mode and a cool battle platform mode. All with just a few turns of the wrist! But wait, the fun does not stop there. The vehicle includes a sandstorm ball launcher that mounts on the rear of the vehicle or it can be hand held. I found this a very cool feature but I must warn you, the launcher fires far, making it is easy to lose the sandstorm balls under a piece of furniture. I know some parents may get scared off when they see the word launcher on a toy. Please do not worry, the Blue Sandstorm balls that launch have no sharp edges.


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Duneskiff Shifter features in review:

Transformability Two-in-one toy with multiple playing possibilities Sphere Launcher Cool details and colors 26 fun and easy to assemble pieces

Perfect for active boys 6 years old and up < / em>

I really liked this toy. I admired the engineering in this toy that enables you to really use your imagination. Heck , is not a toy that inspires use of the imagination one of the most quintessential things in making a truly great toy?

You can read more about Neoshifters, including all about the on-line game at www.neoshifters.com

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