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Rook is another completely new character in the current Combiner Wars kerfuffle. For a while, it seemed like he was the permanent replacement for everyone's favorite giant motorcycle leg, Groove, who had since been reassigned to chest plate duty. Then, the Unite Warriors version of Defensor (aka Guardian) showed off a new deluxe-scale Groove in place of Rook.

What does all that mean to buyers outside of Japan? Only time will tell. However, right here and right now I can tell you that Rook is a really cool Protectobot in his own right.

Please check out my video review!

 combiner wars rook 1

While not based on any existing character, Rook is immediately recognizable as a modernized Scramble City style Transformer. He .. has a clean, blocky silhouette that says he's a big n 'tough guy Like the rest of the Combiner Wars limbs, he stands about five and a half inches tall

 combiner wars rook 2

Rook converts into a 6-wheeled APC with SWAT markings, and this motif carries through to his robot mode. Like the other limb guys, a chunk of his vehicle mode rests proudly on his back and looks like a piece of armor. If I have one minor complaint about his appearance, it's that I wish the blue flaps on his arms could swing down to close up the gaps on the back of his forearms.

combiner wars rook 3

His colors keep up with the Protectobot theme, while being uniquely suited for a solid block of a robot. True to his name, Rook's helmet is made to resemble the chess piece , which fits his overall attitude of being a defense oriented guy.

 combiner wars rook 4

Adding to the motif is an old-style football face guard.

 combiner wars rook 5

Rook has the usual array of articulation for a Combiner Wars deluxe, but adds a part of ankle tilts to let him stand out from the crowd. This little extra touch was added because the wheels near his heels actually go a bit farther down that his feet reach if left in a stock straight pose. Rook can also swing his shoulders back and wiggle his toes, due to how he transforms .

combiner wars rook 6

All of his joints are nice and tight, allowing Rook to rear up like a one-robot battering ram.

combiner wars rook 7

And he can even do the Iron Man pose

 combiner wars rook 8

Rook's main weapons are huge gun barrels embedded in his knuckles.

 combiner wars rook 9

Do they shoot napalm, water, or other plot specific liquids? Who's to say. Being able to fatally fist bump a chump is pretty hardcore though.

 combiner wars rook 11

His accessories consist of the hand / foot / gun in a version equipped with missiles, and a non-functioning grabby claw. Lacking regular hands, Rook wields his gear by plugging them into his knuckle guns. He also has ports on his shoulders for that classic Takara SF Land look .

combiner wars rook 12

While the idea of ??a rescue claw is a neat idea, I wish it had some kind of gimmick. Still, it's a nicely detailed little thing.

 combiner wars rook 13

Probably the best thing about Rook's knuckles is, how you can plug in one of the combiner accessories and give him Hulk hands!

 combiner wars rook 31

" You're busted! "

" Stop! My only crime is snarky negativity! "

combiner wars rook 15

Borrow another hand from a fellow Protectobot for grabby fun times.

wars rook 26

Rook's transformation is straightforward and satisfying. For his other modes, his arms tab firmly into his back. The armored backpack also tabs into his arms when Rook is in limb mode. This leaves his legs to form a forearm or continue into APC or leg mode. Flipping Rook's head back allows the combiner joint to flip out from his chest.

 combiner wars rook 21

This burly Protectobot makes for an equally burly arm.

 combiner wars rook 22

And he retains a full range of articulation despite his blockiness. < / p>

 combiner wars rook 23

I also really like the fact that Rook's own knuckle guns are still visible in arm mode. It gives whichever combiner he's a part of a little bit of extra firepower.

combiner wars rook 24

Also, the big armor chunk can be re-positioned like a shield.

< p>  combiner wars rook 27

To continue into leg mode, Rook's own shins fold in via an outward swinging hinge

 combiner wars rook 25

Rook's leg mode has the mother of all shin guards front and center. He feels pretty solid down there even if the actual foot is seemingly dwarfed by Rook's chunky frame.

combiner wars rook 16

To complete APC mode, you just bring Rook's feet and armored vehicle front forward so that they tab into each other. The finished vehicle is locked together tightly and feels really solid.

combiner wars rook 17

Again, the colors fit the figure and make him look like a legitimate Autobot.

< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/806689-3/combiner+wars+rook+18.JPG" width = "640" height = "480" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "combiner wars rook 18" />

A lot of little details along Rook's sides are picked out with silver paint, and that only adds to the finish. Although, I do wish some of the paint budget had been spent on colored-in wheel hubs.

 combiner wars rook 19

Many promo photos show the claw plugged in up top, but I think it works a lot better in the front where you can imagine Rook pulling a friend to safety or disarming a bomb.

 combiner wars rook 20

Rook's double missile launcher has an extra hole on the bottom so it can be used like a top mounted turret. They're loaded with fire extinguishing foam, honest.

 combiner wars rook 30

Putting the combiner part on the front turns Rook into a battering hand.

 combiner wars rook 29

Rook has enough open ports for connecting a bunch of extra . weapons I especially like how the combiner guns still have enough room to angle up and rotate Like this, he looks like a shoot 'em up mid-boss

 combiner wars rook 28

And for sheer imagination-powered play value, Rook can actually be "carried" by Blades, thanks to the peg on top. Airlift your buddies into the combat zone!

< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/806663-3/combiner+wars+rook+10.JPG" width = "640" height = "480" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "combiner wars rook 10" />

"I am the law!"

While Rook's future as part of Defensor may be uncertain, I can be sure that he's just plain cool . As the only current Protectobot limb who is not a remold, this burly bot manages to make the strongest first impression he can. Everything about Rook in terms of articulation, gimmicks, and transformation meshes together extremely well. Now, I have to wonder if and when he'll will be remolded into another Combiner Wars toy, but if it's half a good as Rook is, then it'll be another Transformer worth picking up.

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