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transformers 4 us edition (aoe) set edition dclass hornet classic bumblebee suit
  • transformers 4 us edition (aoe) set edition dclass hornet classic bumblebee suit
  • transformers 4 us edition (aoe) set edition dclass hornet classic bumblebee suit

transformers 4 us edition (aoe) set edition dclass hornet classic bumblebee suit


Name: D-level Hornet Classic Bumblebee Set Name: Live version Hornet, Hornet Version: Ordinary Edition Official Price: Unknown Prototype: Unknown Toy Number: Unknown Material Type: Plastic Proportion: Unknown Specification: Unknown Release Time: Unknown Category: Category: Set version: Transformers 4 US version (AOE) manufacturers: children's treasure official figure map I have to modify me to modify the chat before the toy, first look at the film in the new Kemai Luo bbb style: propaganda posters, bbb behind a lot of thorns (tentatively so called called it ~) This thorn is a poisonous stab all but the impression, as if bbb has not used this weapon in the brave bald office Floor, bbb scan the new Kemerro, the deformation into a human type into the building of the moment, the thorns have been back behind, the first time with the audience to meet ^ _ ^ is not bbb after playing in the poison sting, Took the sting of thorns, but this fragment was lost by the director? The most strange is that the film from start to finish, as if they did not see bbb use thorns fighting, that. The The Just to install cool? The toy is equipped with two thorns accessories can be taken in the hand ~ fly a! Bbb in the variable 4 weapons configuration is very rich, left and right hand with double-edged sword and hand gun, and toys with hands without hand blade, only the right hand with a hand gun, as the axis of the weapon, is the variable 3 rocking axle re-coating, and is This evolution is not included in the package, the ordinary version of the film, bbb is a hand gun, and perhaps a single-handedly, you can take in the left hand, you can also take in the right hand, the poster is the left hand, behind the black background , The hand gun for the right hand. The The Fighting masks, toys have done bbb was shocked by the deformation of the way stunned, the toys of the facial features, but also the proportion of the basic figure can also line the new section of the specific parameters of what Coma, I will not list, and presumably we also Not to care and care ^ _ ^ Do not think that the headlamps are transparent pieces, non-also, just the color of the fills, but the details and types are relatively reduced the color of the toy is very much, faction logo is only one, no Any details of the rear ~ with the classic American jazz, do not pay attention, no painting. The The Packaging front, anti-Doucheng exclusive. Accompanied by a variable 3 swing of the axis of the weapons and idw series legendary bbb, but the lack of bbb small helicopter. But the incident has been more than the other two sets of d-class iron slag, steel whip evolution sets to be much better, playability is also higher ^ _ ^ g1 Hornet's image, evolution package, sell a concept Bale ^ _ ^ Chevrolet As a TF film's permanent strategic partner, the model General Motors is fully authorized, what the car, can be made out of small bbb no play, just Minato Minou's concept ^ _ ^ back to the legendary bbb evaluation please Click to: [Jie Huang Table] [Panda evaluation] TG-24 Optimus Prime & amp; BBB evaluation and comparison with the US version! I will not repeat it later. The The Multi-angle first look at the human form, the thorn wheel can be carried behind the jumper behind the removal of the thorns Although the elite foundry, but obviously the treatment of rhubarb is poor, workmanship is not fine backpack to do a folding storage in the moment, like So that the official to make a change beyond 2 war edge bbb mold, there is no hope of the first, so do not look forward to continue to look down ^ _ ^ look at the details: head carving ~ okay, more meticulous, faction Signs so small can do, why do not the body do? The The The Fighting face mask is a large area after the cross-transparent parts, eyes light good eyes bright and pierced with the head of the dynamic range of no problem with a good eye open chest, the front of the shoulder can be turned shoulder can also lift the shoulder A certain angle of the shoulder rotation of the joint side of the flattening no pressure arm has a rotation set the elbow is the gear joints, tightness is good, will not wear pieces of the arm side of the front wheel components, you can rotate, Made a fold. Card hole is to carry the thorns of the wrist can not turn, burr a lot. The The The The right arm can be rotated out of the hand cannon no moving waist ~ this fine qc not rigorous, chest can be seen everywhere many overflow paint and lacquered crotch is the gear joints, tightness can knee bending in the case of rear wheel obstruction or Can basically reach 90 calf rear side to see, knee joint is a gear joint, tight no problem. Ankle without lateral movement of the joints, the soles of the ground is not good after the rear wheel components can be found after stealing plastic infinite ^ _ ^ feet without heel moveable settings. The The Well, come to pose to look at mobility: hands on the waist, no problem, but ~ fist it? But also the door of the hand ~ no twist, move a lot of points can be a single kneel kneeling can be put on the list of weapons, all the joints are tightly considered to force the hand gun ~ is better than no combat mask Weapons, God horse, no big use, the same is better than no bar ~ foot of the ground is not good chest too thick, affect the beautiful ~ fly again! ^ _ ^ Boss, you just fly out of the thorn wheel, I picked you back to the side of the leg can easily do the d-level closure than bbb dwarf ~ ~ please mercy ~ remember? We also eat dinner that ~ ~ ~ small bbb do not intend to break down, to a few pass on the legendary level, the mobility will not ask too much of the joint tightness no big problem manual hand made a deformation is not difficult , How clever can not speak, quite satisfactory bar lights painted looks like a transparent piece ^ _ ^ body color difference is quite clear rolling, you can freely carts at the end of the storage of two thorns, do not drag the car sewing degree Not a very good door subject to the deformation of the structure, not open the thorns card is just fine, not loose not tight not to drag the small can be equipped with shafted weapons, large not ^ _ ^ when it is looking for a Tuo gun Young ^ _ ^ Do not entangle the actual car ratio, meaningless poor confinement small hornets are equipped with a small helicopter. The The Japanese version of the coating look better with the war edge bbb than in recent years, the official "reduction" a lot. The The Bugatti's lights than bbb miserable is the same brand, the two cars of the size of the model actually so much Bo school five small strong, detective models smaller. The The This is the bbb evolution package, all aspects of performance are more mediocre, unsatisfactory, but the new model Dahuang Daoshi more than 1967 rhubarb fun, after all, mask , Hand guns, weapons accessories are moreRich, the two aspects of mobility is half a catty. Acknowledgments 78 Anime User itouch19822011 provide information in the exposing table similar to the page Transformers live version of the film 1 US version of the series of toys set of Hornets evolution package Transformers live version of the film 1 US version of the series of toys set Bumblebee support scene set Transformers live version Movie 2 US version of the series of toys D-class Hornet sound wave package Transformers live version of the film 4 US version of the series of toys other non-deformable Hornet dart suit Transformers live version of the film 4 US version of the series of toys step deformation Hornet + small stinger set deformation King Kong Live Edition 3 US version of the series of toys Seibertan Star creative base base set Bumblebee + base metal crankcase box barrier set of players works If you have this page on the surrounding works and posted in the 78 Forum, you can click the right button to submit I'm going to contribute

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