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jet robo (fitor)
  • jet robo (fitor)
  • jet robo (fitor)
  • jet robo (fitor)
  • jet robo (fitor)
  • jet robo (fitor)
  • jet robo (fitor)
  • jet robo (fitor)
  • jet robo (fitor)

jet robo (fitor)

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The Gobot Fitor (aka MR-03 Jet Robo) is an interesting piece. While there were many, many Machine Robo toys produced, only a few were iconic in Japan, largely due to their inclusion in the Machine Robo:. Revenge of Chronos anime In the anime, this character was known as Blue Jet


In the US, Fitor to me seemed like Starscream -. jet-based lackey to the head bad guy, just not as annoying

There was a ton of Fitor toys produced He's one of the most common Gobots you can get He's pretty cool looking, but.. once again, his vehicle mode is based on a fictional ship.




The body of Fitor is diecast metal, with the limbs being plastic. The wheels in the arms and legs are metal as well.


Fitor featured a simplistic transformation. From jet mode, extend the legs, flip the wings back, and then fold the arms back. Simple enough for a small child.




No accessories came with Fitor. This toy does not stand the test of time as well as some of the other Gobots. Over the years, the legs get loose and it gets hard to stand the figure without one collapsing. The small chrome tips on the wings break off easily. Finding one loose in good condition is rare.


In the recent Machine Robo Rescue toy line, Jet Robo got a tribute with the release of the modern, combining Jet Robo toy.

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