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Nothing truly surprises me anymore in the field of strange bootlegs, but I was not expecting to hear about this 12 "Gordian Junior Machinder. A friend in Venezuela discovered it and knowing how much I love this sort of thing, I offered it to me. I bought 2 color-ways initially and he sent me the last later on as a gift included with another purchase. (And I'm glad he did, too, since it helped take the sting off one of the worst shipping experiences I've ever had.) 6.jpg

As you can see, the toy is so far known to exist in 3 versions. Each is the same outside of the color change. They are all 12 "tall and articulated at the hips and shoulders. 1.jpg

Although these specimens came from Venezuela, you can tell by the sticker on the stomach that they originate in China. 3 

I do not know enough about Gordian to say from where the mold is copied. I thought initially it might have even been the Godaikin, but I think someone mentioned the Popy Pura-Dera might have been the . source If you know, please leave a comment The detail on the fists are pretty terrible, which leads me to think the rest of the toy definitely was NOT an original design  4.jpg

I don ' t know why, but unlike most of the other cheap poly bootlegs I have, I find myself wishing this had more anime accurate coloring. This toy was sold in a clear plastic bag that was simply stapled shut with NO header card.

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