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autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)
  • autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)

autobot ironhide (voyagerclass premium series)

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A boy's first car should be a special event in his life. Finding the right girl is also important, and to do that, he needs a special car. But for Sam Witwicky, he is completely unaware of how special his car really is ... until it drives away from his house all by itself ... and changes into a giant robot! Sam soon finds himself as the key to ending an intergalactic battle between two factions of a race of alien robots which can change shape at will- the peaceful Autobots and dangerous Decepticons- as they fight to find and retake the powerful AllSpark Cube that created their race. But enemies lie in wait on Earth as well. While the Decepticons are already on our planet looking for their long-lost leader Megatron, the United States secret government organization Sector 7 already knows about the alien robots, and will do anything to keep them hidden It is not until the great 0026 amp;. noble Optimus Prime and several other Autobots crash-land on Earth in their search for the god-like Cube that the 10,000 year-old stalemated war begins anew- with the fate of both races in the hands of these intelligent, powerful alien robots in disguise ... and a boy and his car.

The Autobots have been searching long and hard for the AllSpark Cube since their leader, Optimus Prime, desperately cast it into space to prevent Megatron from getting his metallic claws on it and bringing a new order of domination and suffering to the already-demolished planet of Cybertron. Before then, both Autobots and Decepticons waged a long war against each other for possession of the Cube. Ironhide quickly rose through the ranks over the millennia to become one of Prime's best warriors; eventually rising to become one of his senior officers as weapons specialist Honed by his experience from the loss of friends and colleagues over time, he developed a shield of caution and awareness about him that would lead to a path of distrust and caution. about the smallest things on the battlefield- where sneak attacks were the norm in a civilization that constantly shifted its physical appearance. Yet Ironhide remained ever-loyally by Prime's side when a signal was received from a distant planet by one of their scouts that a clue had been found to the location of the Cube. Hard-landing on the planet (Earth), he narrowly escaped detection from a small family of intelligent natives and quickly assumed the appearance of one of their all-terrain vehicles- a black GMC TopKick pickup . truck He would find many oddities on this new world that would test his trigger fingers- including the primitive, aggressive, 0026 amp;. undisciplined nature of humans But later on, he would once more prove how skilled and powerful he was against the Decepticons- this time, in the defense of humans, in the Mission City battle. Ironhide stands 26 '(8.7m) tall in his upright robot mode, and is armed with two large cannons- one covering each of his forearms. He also has a set of micro-missile launchers embedded in his knuckles. For his trip to Earth, he studied many of its languages ??through a planet-wide information network, and so he is fluent in English. Ironhide's voice (as well as that of Decepticon Barricade) is performed by the well-respected 0026 amp;. experienced voice-actor Jess Harnell


Ironhide's vehicle mode (back) is that of a real medium- sized GMC TopKick C4500 4x4 pickup truck, designed by General Motors Corporation and manufactured by Monroe Truck Equipment (aka MTE). Though slightly less well-known than the Daimler-Chrysler Dodge Ram , the TopKick is a versatile and powerful vehicle design that is able to be adapted to many different roles- some examples I've read state commercial-grade pickup trucks, medium cargo trucks, and tow trucks For its appearance in "Transformers", several small modifications were made to the prop vehicle (s) used for Ironhide's disguised form, specifically:.

customized 20 "aluminum black-painted wheels to fit new 40 "tiresremoval of a pair of the back wheels (giving the truck four wheels instead of the standard six) new extended-height chrome smokestacks behind the cabhorizontal stainless steel step tubescustomized front 0026 amp; rear bumpers with powder-coat texturea powerful 16,000lbs winch on the front bumper Road Armor reinforced front and rear bumpers installedraised Autobot symbol on the tailgate

In anticipation of the marketing scramble surrounding the release of the first live-action film featuring the legendary Transformers, MTE announced that they would be producing a limited-run line of GMC TopKick 6500s specifically customized to look just like Ironhide's vehicle form from the movie! (Here- read the small article for yourself.) < / p>

Premium series Autobot Ironhide- vehicle mode (front)

This Voyager-class toy of Ironhide also differs slightly from the real vehicle in several ways:

The tall, vertical side-view mirrors on the doors were condensed down to smaller PVC square shapes; most likely because they might catch on things like hair, clothes, etc. and break off.The extended pale gray smokestacks directly against the back of the cab were cut down to just the height of the roof (* whew! * More on this later ... ) Instead of those. .. "horizontal stainless steel step tubes" (?) ... that you stand on to get into the cab beneath the four doors, Ironhide's large metallic-blue arm cannons hang there instead, looking like giant cylindrical gas tanks like you might find on a semi-truck ... like Optimus Prime ! However, removing them reveals the small arms hidden underneath, though they look more like they're part of the suspension system for the forward wheels or part of the transmission. From all angles, this is the largest break in the illusion for the vehicle mode. ( Well ... except when you flip him over, that is! )

But other than that, this is a spot-on match to the real TopKick- shortened, wide nose with molded Road Armor -branded bumper, large 4-door cab with frosted-silver windows, and equally-sized truck bed with top cover! As mentioned above, if you look at the tailgate door in back (which does not open), you can see the Autobot symbol molded in between those gears! All four free-turning ABS wheels are not marked but do have appropriately-detailed tire tread 0026 amp;. rim patterns Also the red GMC trademark is molded on the front grille, and the "4 x 4" trademark symbol is stamped just under the pale-gray smokestacks on either side The headlights are painted bright neon blue <.. / p>  Premium series Autobot Ironhide- vehicle mode (nose detail)  Premium series Autobot Ironhide- 
vehicle mode (left side, without cannons)  Premium series Autobot Ironhide- vehicle mode (tailgate detail)

Since this is a Premium Series repaint, a few new details have been added other than the change in color to the headlights (which were originally painted silver over the transparent-blue ABS). The most apparent is that all of the black truck panels have been painted over this time with a shiny black finish, as opposed to being left the original black ABS; this makes him look like he's been all polished up Oddly, though, the tires also have this shiny coat of paint The rims of all four wheels have a thin ring of silver paint!. added, as have the raised ridges along the top of the cab, the winch 0026 amp;. fog lights on the front bumper, and each of the four door handles Oh ... and a new larger silver Autobot symbol has been added to the hood ;. which will be split down the middle when he transforms

'Automorph Technology' is a new special feature that is fairly exclusive to the 2007 movie figures What Automorph does is when one specific section moves, there is. an internal system of gears and levers which moves another part in the same region. ( Although, I'm sure a similar function has presented itself in the other lines from the various anime -inspired series . I do know for certain that the huge " Transformers Galaxy Force " Primus figure had such function (s) in his back armor, leg weapon units, and chest / head ) In the Voyager-class Ironhide, there are two Automorph functions:.

The nose / door sections are spring-loaded just under the front bumper ;. when separating them to expose the head, they spring open and just hang there ( I have doubts that this is an Automorph feature, but I'll mention it anyways just in case ... ) When flipping the two halves of Ironhide's feet out (themselves connected by gears to each other), a panel on the front of his legs (the cover of the truck bed) slides down and sideways. At the same time, triangular pieces behind the legs / under the truck bed slide downwards, which causes the spring-loaded rear wheels to shift diagonally up and back.

 Premium series Autobot Ironhide- robot mode (front)

Ironhide's robot mode (back) is covered in sharp corners, intricate detail, and power covered in a lot of black. This is a drastic and significant change in style and function from the usually solid, blocky appearance of the Transformers since their debut in 1984. And yet, some of the TopKick's features are still visible- such as the halved nose and front doors which hang lightly in the chest / over the shoulders, the top of the cab on his back (which hides the windshield and rear window), and the rear wheels and sides of the truck bed on the back / outside of his lower legs. Having the vehicle mode's hood / front-half featured prominently on the upper torso is a signature design dating all the way back to the G1 Autobots from 1984 who all had this;.. though some Autobots over the decades have broken away from this However, all of the Autobots seen in the 2007 film are no different and share this tradition with their predecessors Ironhide's head has small highlights of gold and metallic blue- but this is because his eyes are not all that bright. They used that same muted transparent-blue plastic on the back of his head so that- when light shown through- his eyes would light up. However, because of the Premium release, his eyes were painted over with the same neon blue that the vehicle mode's headlights are, making them much more easy to notice. Some physically-distinguishing details, however- like his blended horns and wide, rounded nose- carry through ;! evoking the image of a bull's head

 Premium series Autobot Ironhide- robot mode (right arm cannon detail) Premium series Autobot Ironhide- robot mode (upper body detail)  Premium series 
Autobot Ironhide- robot mode (legs detail)

Any pictures taken of him make him look extremely complicated; I know- I was equally intimidated before I first changed him too! But this is the testament to the awesome work Hasbro did in designing this Voyager-class toy. His legs demonstrate this quite well. The colors used on Ironhide- specifically, well ... black- help distort what moves and what does not, such as separation lines between parts. Most of that is surface detail, not movable parts. Trust me. Because of the complexity of the CGI character seen in the movie, some details had to be sacrificed. Specifically, the three toes on each foot have been molded into a single piece on each, but the sculpting shows that the toes are still there. ( I have not gotten a clear image of the back of his feet , so I can not confirm how accurate they are from the film ... ) Indeed, one of the fairly major details also lost is his overall body shape- in the film, he is actually slightly shorter than fellow Autobot Ratchet- it is featuring a bulkier, wider upper torso 0026 amp;. arms with an overall muscled body shape Here, that has been cast aside with smallish arms and an average-sized torso, but it is not a problem in the slightest as far as function goes.

 Voyager-class Ironhide- original release (left) and Premium repaint (right) in 
robot mode (front)

In addition to changing the color of the eyes by painting over them, a few paint apps have been added to bring out some more of the detailed molds in his arms, torso , 0026 amp;. legs- additional highlights of metallic-blue and gold that were absent from the original Voyager-class toy, but bring Ironhide a little closer to his movie appearance However, the shiny black finish of the vehicle mode's panels was not carried over into to his robot mode parts, which retain the same plain black ABS. Additionally, the parts for the joints of the inner shoulder, roof panel connectors, and heels have all been switched for pale gray ABS equivalents. One discrepancy still exists, though. On back of the box (as with the original release as well), Ironhide has a small silver Autobot symbol printed just above his waist joint in front. Unfortunately, that did not happen here ... either. ( For some strange reason, they felt the need to put the larger one on the hood of the truck, which I am not really happy with since he already had that more subtle one molded on his tailgate. ) ...

Ironhide is fairly flexible with a wide range of motion in the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees; . with limited range of motion in the head and wrists Snap joints are present only in the shoulders (one axis), and hips (one) His feet are not designed with posing in mind even though they do flex when transforming him;. if you tried to move them for posing, the Automorph feature would suddenly kick into reverse. The truck nose / doors hovering over his shoulders do flex a little with the springs in them, but I'll get to that later on ...

During the film, Ironhide seems to really love those big cannons attached to his arms, deploying them at the slightest irritation with his trigger-happy attitude- even willing to wipe-out Sam's pet Chihuahua (which Ironhide called "... a rodent infestation! ") when it marked him! But, he is also proud of his weapons- upon first meeting Sam and Mikaela Banes ( the" right girl "I mentioned earlier ), he whipped them out and pointed them right in their faces, "You feelin 'lucky, punk ?"

" Easy , Ironhide ..." warned Optimus Prime.

"Just kidding! I just wanted to show him my cannons."

In the film, there are no real hand-held weapons- most of them seem to unfold out from the forearms to replace the hands. But I think that Ironhide's cannons unfold out from somewhere above his arms in his bulky shoulders, and then attach themselves to his forearms. According to the special-effects company Industrial Light and Magic , each of Ironhide's cannons had more than the much-publicized 10,000 parts that the robots themselves had! ( I read from one individual that they reminded him of exposed jet engines ... which I completely agree with! < / em>) Alas, there are not such a dramatic number of parts in the paired cannons on Ironhide's arms. They do not extend, they do not collapse in on themselves, they do not spin on their arm attachment joints, and they most- certainly do not glow! The right cannon is indeed differently sculpted from the left cannon, but both are simplified versions of the weapons seen on-screen. The right has four free-sliding black switches around its circumference, and four narrow barrels at its end that are not present in the film version. The left is similar in general appearance, but differs in function because it contains four long ABS missiles running the length of it. There is not any way to fire them ...

 Premium series Autobot Ironhide- robot mode posed (4)

... unless you take the left cannon off of Ironhide's arm, and attach it to the right cannon! This does not happen in the movie (one shoots energy blasts, the other one shoots big cannon rounds), but it does make for an interesting 'safety device' that I have not seen before- preventing the missiles from accidentally firing. ( C'mon- we've all done that at some time or other, right ...? ) A latch on the left section holds the two together, though I find fitting them together the greater challenge. Now, when each black switch on the right weapon is slid forward, the associated missile in the front (left) section fires! These are pressure-released missile as opposed to spring-loaded, so how far they go depends on how much you push on the trigger ( This a growing trend in scaled toy weapons across the US;. as it is both cheaper and safer this way as opposed to depending on ' uncontrollable 'spring-loaded designs. ) Sweetness ...

Though molded into his fists (and painted in pictures on the box art), the micro-missiles in his knuckles do not fire. A cool place to put them, but understandable why did this- you'd loose them sooooooo easily ...!

Ironhide's cannons also underwent a fairly elaborate repaint as well. Though they retain the same metallic-blue ABS, they have both been covered in that metallic-blue paint, and then highlighted in different ways with black and gold paint.

While Hasbro can certainly be credited with the enormous task of transforming the immensely-complex CGI characters used in the 2007 movie (which- on average- contained 10,000 components per robot ), it should be noted that these are not just straight transitions either. While Ironhide's head, arms , and legs all hide in roughly the same places in the toy, the process by which he transforms is different, resulting in a slightly different look from his CGI counterpart. Though extremely simplified compared to the movie versions', the only break in the two cannons is either the four barrels in the right, and the four missiles in the left. (The far-simpler Fast Action Battlers Ironhide series' figure features a single spring-launching . missile which fires from only the left cannon) How the cab nose mounts to his chest is also different; the two halves actually attach directly to Ironhide's shoulders in the film However I should point out that, so-far as I can tell,. the Voyager-class Ironhide seems to be the closest to his on-screen counterpart as far as how he changes and what his robot mode looks like compared to the others in the Voyager-class - Autobot Ratchet , and Decepticons Blackout and Starscream

What the. Instructions * Do not * Tell You

[ fanfare sounds ]

The Voyager-class Ironhide set, unfortunately, has five marks in this frustrating category:

As part of his Automorph feature (s) in the legs, his feet are geared together internally, and move at the same time that the wheels and truck bed cover do. However, what the instructions do not tell you is that when you're changing him, you have to move them at the same time yourself or else the small teeth on the gears will skip, and they will become unsynchronized! Do this too much and eventually the gears will become stripped! What you need to do is pull down equally on both halves at the same time, though you can / should put a little more pressure on his foot section rather than the heel section.What happens to the roof, windshield, and rear window after he's changed? The instructions give no answer to this, and you are expected to just leave them hanging off the back. Each of those three sections has arms with joints, so they must do something ! I had to guess at what needed to be done, and find examples of what others have done online. And there's no proper answer in the movie since [they] change ! differently All I can suggest is: (1) - slide the roof up-and-away from the windshield as much as possible (2) - slip the rear window ( smokestacks pointing downwards ) inside against the front bumper / parallel to the windshield (3) -. carefully slide the roof back down over it

Nothing will lock in place, and the roof will jut out a bit diagonally away from the body. Also, if forced, the windshield is designed to pop-off. (I have e-mailed Hasbro several times over the last year regarding this, but received no answer.) The very first step mentioned in the instructions (and rightly so!) is to flip down that forward bumper. But beware-! If you just think it flips down unchallenged, do not force it! The bumper actually fits over two pegs in the top of the nose section ... very tightly. This is a wiggle game you have to play with the bumper and nose sections- gently lift the two sections at the same time that you pull down on the bumper. (it may be of use to undo the back doors first to that the nose section can wiggle around a little more, and not break when it suddenly comes apart.) These truck nose / shoulder guards sections are really the most baffling and- sometimes- frustrating! In the film, on the box art, and even in the instructions, Ironhide's shoulder guards are shown as positioned horizontally directly over his arms. Now, because (in the movie) they are mounted onto his arms, when he moves his arms they move as well. As mentioned above, this is not the case with this toy, as they are attached via small blue arms w / springs just behind the truck grill. But this makes no sense at all for the toy! If positioned horizontally, they interfere with how you position the arms! First of all, in order to position them horizontally, keep pulling out / down on the nose section until they snap into place. You still swing the back doors around like normal for this. But, I have seen many examples online of collectors leaving the shoulder units diagonally hanging in the air without snapping them in place (They can not snap into place diagonally anyways; it's impossible.). Initially I posed him with them horizontally, but after seeing the images online and remembering what I had seen in the theater, I switched to the diagonal version. The Fast Action Battlers version (mentioned above) would seem to confirm the diagonal positioning, even though it's design is significantly simplified from the Voyager- class toy.'Anomaly # 5 '( heh ) is dependant on' # 4 'above. If the shoulder guards are placed diagonally, then there is not really an issue. However, if the shoulders are placed horizontally as indicated on-screen and on box art, then there's a problem. The pointed central chest guard (painted metallic blue) folds up after the torso has been twisted around, and then a black panel folds up to cover the space between the chest and head. But, if the shoulder panels are to be placed horizontally, the thin panel just hangs in mid-air like that, prone to drooping over time with gravity or if you accidentally press down on it. The chest guard itself also does not snap or lock into place. Nothing can be done about it that I can find, but it is really annoying.

But the instructions do not tell you any of this ...

< p> After seeing the film the first time (in the theater first for a change, thank the Matrix !) and then checking online for what toys there were, Ironhide was one that I knew I just had to own if none other! When I got him (he was my first toy from the film), he did not disappoint, though the four 'anomalies' above were a bit of a downer. He was detailed, he was articulate, his toy design was loyal to the movie version, and his trigger-happy attitude throughout the film made an impression. All joints are fairly tight. There is little I could suggest to improve him- snap that chest guard into place, . and have the shoulder armor snap as well Does it bother me that his overall body shape was different from that seen on-screen No. His arms are a bit small, but the cannons make up for this I will say this though?.: I do not think that this toy should really be given to the 5 year-olds that they market them to! Dat's crazy talk there! These toys are more complex than what has been released in the past, but less-so than the advanced < strong> Alternators line- which also had real brand-named vehicles with realistic interiors, and are targeted at older collectors. A year after getting the original figure, I still have to dedicate a notable amount of brain power to transforming him each time!

 Ironhide (standing with cannons deployed)

I was one of the people who liked this new style for the Cybertronians '; it was something different and unique from the' simplified 'blocky armor of the past, and gave them a very organic, non-human-designed feel They reminded of what an artists.' interpretation of a Transformer might look like instead. Has anyone here seen futurist Syd Mead 's work on the anime series " Mobile Suit Turn-A Gundam "? There's a good example right there of a controversial-yet-different interpretation of a popular brand! About a year before" Transformers "came out, I got a sneak-peek at a leaked prototype image of [what would come to be known as] Ironhide before I instructed myself to avoid all future spoilers until I had seen it. (A year of hell, to be sure!) I knew then that these toys would be special. And they are , for the most part. A lot of people say that this movie was made strictly for the sake of selling toys (or in director Michael Bay's case, promoting [or kissing-up to] the US military). That's a hell of an expensive advertisement, do not 'cha think !? I never looked at it that way, nor do I look at the toys as made cater to the promotion of brands like GMC, Hummer, Xbox, or even Mountain Dew. These are things that we . see in everyday life What better place for a robot to hide than in plain sight !? That's the whole point of Transformers - that you can not immediately recognize them Do you really think that futuristic [or! even alien] robots who can change shape are going to expose themselves- even to their enemies- by dressing up as a light blue-and-yellow sports car ?! No!

I got the Premium figure for several reasons: 1- the new paint details were consistent and appropriate to his appearance on-screen / not adding anything that would not fit right ( which was particularly important to me since I rarely get repaints ); 2 - Hasbro never got back to me about replacing my original figure since the waist connecting peg would not fit in the hole correctly, so he tended to flop over every time I picked him up; and 3- I wanted to provide CDXers with a comparison with the original figure. Even a year later, this Voyager-class figure is still awesome, even if still quirky. But Hasbro listened to the fans, and fixed a few of those minor flaws. So, even more-so than before, I recommend getting the Voyager-class Premium Series Autobot Ironhide figure!

 Premium series Autobot Ironhide- 
robot mode posed (3)

- Renewing the Charge -

[DISCLAIMER: This last section is not supported, advertised, or endorsed by either Hasbro, DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, or Warner Brothers Records. It is a fan-supported effort completely independent from all companies affiliates with the 2007 film " Transformers " . ]

Not even a week after " Transformers " entered theaters on July 3rd and became a blockbuster, scores of fans were clamoring for a copy of the original musical score by Steve Jablonsky . However, WB Records said in an official statement that the score would not be released for the foreseeable future. In protest, a fan-supported online petition was set-up to persuade the record company to reconsider. By the end of two months, over 5500 signatures had been recorded ( your's truly at # 1112 ).

Victory for the signers

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