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g forehead fetus 1

g forehead fetus 1

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Getter 1 is another release from the collaboration between Sentinel and T-REX. While the two toys share a lot of the same components, it feels like an entirely different toy.

Getter 1 arrives courtesy of Zwyer Industries and is available at www.animebooks.com and www.robot4less.com

The toy comes packed in a classy cardboard box with flip top cover, similar to the http://www.collectiondx.com/toy_review/2014/black_getter"0026gt;Black Getter. The cardboard is still a little flimsy and shows wear easily.


If you've already got the Black Getter, you will not be disappointed with the quality here, it's the same basic body although done up in a different paint scheme. What's different here is lower legs, forearms and head sculpt.

P5180954.jpg P5180955.jpg

The articulation is awesome, with a revolutionary joint system. The elbows retain the same pull out segmented arm system. I think it looks a bit better in brass like the Black Getter, but you can not deny it's effectiveness.


I mean any way you want this to move, it moves.

 P5180959.jpg P5180960.jpg

The cloth cape has wires in the edges to help it sustain a pose. The cape is adhered by a fabric loop that slips around the center panel on the back.


You want variant hands? You got variant hands. Closed fists, open hands, trigger hands and weapon holding hands are included .


Getter 1 comes with two large white machine guns (all plastic) that can be held in either hand. These guns are awesome looking.

< p> P5180963 
.jpg P5180964.jpg  P5180967.jpg

I like that you can hold one gun with two hands

 P5180965.jpg  P5180966.jpg

The Getter Tomahawks can be stored under a panel on the back of the figure. Like the Black Getter, it's a bit of a complicated system that involves separate clips and disassembly of the weapons.




The stand that comes with the figure is rather nice. You get a square base with a translucent top and a moveable arm with pincers. I assume the clear top is to slide in images for the base.


On the bottom is storage for extra parts for the stand, including another set of pincers and a clip to attach two stands together. It's nicely thought out.


A unique adapter is provided to attach Getter 1 to the stand. You have to remove the yellow panel on the back of the waist to insert it It can be a pain, but you basically have to tap the front to let it pop out the back

 P5180972.jpg  P5180973.jpg


A variant faceplate is included, but i'm not sure it's purpose Perhaps one is more anime accurate The differences are subtle

 P5180975.jpg  P5180976.jpg

Overall, Getter 1 is a great figure and I think different enough to warrant purchase even if you already have Black Getter. Sentinel's partnership with T-REX has produced an outstanding, unique take on modern gokin.

Getter 1 arrives courtesy of Zwyer Industries and is available at www.animebooks.com and www.robot4less.com

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