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boba fett's slave 1
  • boba fett's slave 1
  • boba fett's slave 1
  • boba fett's slave 1
  • boba fett's slave 1
  • boba fett's slave 1
  • boba fett's slave 1
  • boba fett's slave 1
  • boba fett's slave 1
  • boba fett's slave 1

boba fett's slave 1

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Everyone in the galaxy knows that a good bounty hunter must have a good ship. For Boba Fett, the most notorious and fearsome hunter, that ship is Slave 1, a Kuat Systems Engineering, limited-production, high-speed Firespray-class craft.

Both Boba Fett and his father Jango Fett have customized the outdated starship over the years, stripping down the ship to the bare essentials and intricately rebuilding it to be one of the fastest vehicles in the galaxy. Slave 1 has tremendous sublight speed and Class One hyperdrive capabilities. Often, Fett will maneuver his ship to arrive at a destination seconds before the target of his hunt arrives.

The magnetically polarized hull allows it to pick up electronic signals and pulses in a large range;. it also hides the ship from sensor scans Reinforced plating and contact ray shielding protect Slave 1 from enemy attacks, while a variety of weapons provide lethal firepower.

The ship's impressive weaponry includes twin blaster cannons, an ion cannon, a concussion missile tube launcher, and a tractor beam projector. Two proton torpedo launchers send out homing beacons and S- thread trackers mounted on dummy torpedoes. Combined with its telemetry systems and signal devices, these trackers allow Fett to pursue his prey at all times.

The cargo hold of Slave 1 has been converted to a top -security holding area, with shielded force cages and concealed weaponry. It was in this hold that Fett put the carbonite block containing Han Solo, after the hunter tracked him down for Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt.

< p> Electronically linked to his ship by circuitry inside his helmet, Boba Fett sees the Slave 1 as an extension of his power. For those who have been on the wrong side of the hunt, the power of Slave 1 and its owner is a terrifying thing.

Today I will be reviewing Kenner's 1996 release on Slave 1. This release is almost identical to the 1980's release. The only major difference is the paint detail.

The box is similar in looks to other early releases, showing Slave 1 in flight on the front of the box.

Slave 1 requires minor assembly and sticker application before you can really enjoy it. The assembly consists of installing the two wings, cockpit canopy, rear ramp and door. The stickers are too numerous to mention and are a real pain to apply. When all that's done you are left with a very light weight, cheap feeling toy. Plastic quality and fit is also pretty lousy.

The next three photo's give you a quick walk around of the ship.

This next photo shows Boba in the pivoting cockpit chair. Chair can pivot backwards for flight mode. Sorry, Boba Fett figure is not included with ship.

Another feature is a cheap rendition of Han Solo in carbonite! This allows you to recreate one of the more well known Star Wars scenes.

Oooh! the handle on the back / bottom (depending on your perspective) of the ship that lets you hold and fly it around the room loosing parts as you go No, I'm not kidding

When tilting Slave 1 to flight mode, the side wings / foils tilt automatically. The last 3 photo's show Slave 1 in flight mode with the not included Boba Fett at the controls. < br />  

Overall I am not impressed with this toy. First of all the cargo area door and ramp fall off easily when held in flight position, making play difficult. Secondly the fitment of the body panels and detail are just poor. Finally the stickers are a joke! They do not match the color of the ship and the quality stinks. I prefer the painted detail on the newer Hasbro Star Wars toys when compared to the original Kenner. Although you can pick up this toy relatively cheap on Ebay, my advice would be to stay away and buy the newer 2000's release of the Boba or Jango Fett versions of Slave 1. Both of these versions are far superior in every way.

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