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Gunpla Rob



Jet's Dino-breaker that transforms into a motorcycle. Its length in Dino mode is 18.0 ft and weight is 3.0 tons. Its special ability is its Tail Attack.


When I snagged that figure of Jet, I found myself fortunate to find his vehicle/dino counterpart, the Motoraptor.

When I first saw D.I.C.E. commercials I thought back to the days of old transforming vehicle toys like M.A.S.K. where normal cars would transform into outrageous vehicles. The same thing is present in the toys of D.I.C.E. The Motoraptor is the first of the line in a blister card size I have found. The Motoraptor comes molded in cherry red plastic and is painted silver black and yellow. The Jet figure (or any D.I.C.E. character) fits onto the seat of the bike easily and stays in place thanks to the handle bars.


Articulation is a bit flat compared to the main character figures of the line. With articulation restricted to forward and backwards movement. The only parts with any additional movement are the feet because they rotate on a hinged joint to become the bike's rear wheels. This does not make it unable to make some dynamic poses though.

It comes packaged in Dino mode, and transformation into motorcycle mode is relatively simple:

Tuck the arms under the body Fold the tail back Pull back the legs and fit the feet together Collapse the horn and rotate the head under the body


Bike Mode for the Motoraptor is really sweet. If it were a lean back seat it'd be a shoe in for Kaneda's bike from Akira. Not much to say about posing the bike, the only things that moves are the front and back wheels and the handle bars. Because of how broad it sits, there are no worries about it tipping over.


Overall: I found myself surprised with this line. While I thought getting Jet would be a gamble for extra piece of shelf candy, it wound up as a nice collectable. Sadly unlike most "character and vehicle" releases of Bandai's you have to get the Motoraptor separate from Jet. The good news is that you round up to 15$ US which is cheaper than those other packaged sets. If you want a good little piece of plastic with a nice amount of fun to it, these D.I.C.E. toys are right for the price!


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