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moo that lightmaska heard him pull arthur c

moo that lightmaska heard him pull arthur c

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Moonlight Mask Attache Case is a really unique collectors item.

 Moonlight Mask Attache Case

Back in the early 70s, Bandai made a bunch of Attache Case sets for a lot of the live action shows at time. Shows like Ultraman and Ultraseven got these briefcases full of all the accessories one might need to pretend he himself was the hero.

 Moonlight Mask Attache Case

Moonlight Mask Is Japan's first Television superhero, predating the Ultra and Sentai series Wikipedia says this about Moonlight Mask:.

"Moonlight Mask (? moonlight University of surface, Gekk Kamen) is a fictional superhero that has appeared in Japanese tokusatsu and anime television shows and movies since his TV debut in 1958. Created by writer K? han Kawauchi, Moonlight Mask is best described as Japan's answer to The Lone Ranger and Batman.

Whereas Super Giant is Japan's first celluloid superhero (only he had debuted in movies), it was Moonlight Mask who set the standard as Japan's first live-action TV superhero, and was a huge success with children. Television was already new in Japan, so many children that did not have a TV set were gathered around to watch it at a friend or neighbor's house. Children also bought toy capes, sunglasses, masks and pistols and played Moonlight Mask in schoolyards and backyards. "

This toy looks to have come from the 1972 Moonlight Mask anime series, due to the art used on the package.

The plastic case is sealed shut by a metal clasp on either side the handle. Inside the case is a cardboard print of Moonlight Mask battling a character that is reminiscent of Devilman.

 Moonlight Mask Attache Case

The bottom of the case features a styrofoam tray, sealed in plastic.

Moonlight Mask Attache Case

36 years;. still sealed in plastic Josh Fraser was not about to let me open it

From what we can see inside, the set includes a variety of gear,. including:

- Moonlight Mask Glasses
- Pistol
- Cards
- Belt
- Soft Vinyl figure
- Manga booklet

Mask Attache Case

Moonlight Mask Attache Case

Moonlight Mask Attache Case

 Moonlight Mask Attache Case

Actually, it looks pretty fun indeed.

Its interesting to note that this was actually made by Bandai in 1972 -.. not Popy, at a time where Popy was really dominating in character toys Note the retro Bandai logo

This thing is so cool, I am sorely tempted to start a collection of character toy Attache Cases ...

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