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BioA bold and daring soldier. Often breaks away from cargo-hauling missions to join his fellow Autobots on the battlefield. A tactical genius on the front line. Trailer converts to turbo-boosted, supersonic fighter jet armed with wing-mounted, double-barreled machine guns. Laser guided, lock-target scanners provide pinpoint firepower. Capable of reaching speeds in excess of Mach 2. Also equipped with hydrofoil capabilities.
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    Know your enemy and he's yours.
    Overload Tech Specs
    Tags: Overload Micromasters
    Base information for character / toy Overload.
    Japanese NameRoadjet
    Japanese NumberC-337
    FunctionTroop Transport
    MottoKnow your enemy and he's yours.
    Tech Specs chart for Overload.
    Information related specifically to the toy.
    Release Date 1989
    WaveMicromaster Transports Assortment
    Assortment #Micromaster Transports AssortmentA (#5507), Micromaster Transports AssortmentB (#5507)
    Product #5528
    Per Case6
    Toy Variants(gray card) / (green card)
    Overload toy parts information.
    Figure TypeTruck, Plane/Spaceship
    Figure ColorBlue, Grey/Silver

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