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godzilla (fusion series)
  • godzilla (fusion series)
  • godzilla (fusion series)

godzilla (fusion series)

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One of the highlights during my Toy Fair 2012 visit was when we were shown the new Godzilla lineup for 2012. I was not only surprised that a few figures were being released, but I was taken aback at the sight of alternate clear and sparkly versions! I have to say that Bandai really stepped up. They went beyond their standard vinyls that you always see at the big toy stores. They made clear and sparkly versions of them to boot. Not only was I now able to get the Mechagodzilla I was longing for, but I was also able to buy the clear and sparkly versions of the whole lineup! When I say "clear and sparkly" I am referring to their Fusion Series of Godzilla vinyl. Today we'll be taking a look at the Fusion Series 1968 Godzilla.

He comes in a small cardboard package that is identical to the previous releases save for the graphics which have been updated with the Japanese Godzilla logo. The box allows you to see and feel the entire figure which is a good thing unless an idiot kid gets to it first and pulls the arms off to satiate his fix for destruction
 IMG_8208 copy

The only difference between the Fusion Series box and the original box is a reflective sticker on the lower right corner.
 IMG_8210 copy

The back does not show the Fusion Series since it is the same box used prior to the release of the Fusion Series.
IMG_8209 copy

All it takes is snipping three zip-ties to release this lovely sparkly beast. While doing so, I noticed .. the vinyl is much softer than the normal versions Considerably so The vinyl is not completely clear, it is more like a smoked looking vinyl with metallic reflective bits embedded into it
 IMG_8211 copy

This is the same mold used in the normal version. According to Bandai, they were not allowed to used the same molds that were used to make the Japanese Godzilla figures, so these are different sculpts that are slightly bigger. The mouth is a livelier pink color and the rest of the body has airbrushed accents to give it depth.
 IMG_8212 copy

I wish there was something I could do to bring out the sparkle in the pictures as it looks much better in person.
IMG_8213 copy

The spine plates look great The paint apps are very good for a simple vinyl figure
 IMG_8214 copy

Godzilla has a way of being scary and humorous by changing the position of his limbs. This is also a good way to show off his articulation.
 IMG_8216 copy

Here you can see the differences between the Fusion Series and normal version Godzilla. While I give kudos to Bandai for going beyond your standard cheap toy store vinyl and making the Fusion series and Tokyo vinyl series, I am a little worried that they are not keeping to their promise of making these very easy to get. We were assured that this year they were going to be easy to get. The Tokyo vinyl is still barely lingering here and there, but the Fusion Series no longer exists as far as I'm concerned. I grabbed my set from a full peg at the local TRU, but they were never to be seen again since.
 IMG_8217 copy

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